Why Wonder Looper Made (Probably) The World’s Heaviest Hoodie and Tee

There’s always a subset of guys who want the superlative: the fastest car, the most expensive watch, the thickest jeans. That’s why we were intrigued when we heard about the new brand Wonder Looper, a Japan-based company that modified rare, top-secret machinery to produce what they are just about positive is the world’s heaviest hoodie.  … Read more

Why Hemp Is Better Than Cotton for Clothes

Despite its granola crunching image, hemp fabric is found in all sorts of clothes and textiles, and has been for centuries. Recently, while looking for a durable and casual jacket, I even stumbled upon an $860 hemp cotton-blend blazer from Drake’s. Yes, hemp is even used in high-end tailored menswear, which led me down a … Read more