Cravar’s C.O. 15 – An Elegant Briefcase with a Forgettable Name

Leather goods are funny things – they can either be the absolute peak of luxury or be so cheap and generic that they feel virtually worthless. There are literally hundreds of companies that make all manner of generic laptop bags and briefcases that you’d see in the airport and forget just as quickly. On the … Read more

The Minimalist’s Leather Bag – WP Standard Messenger Review

WP Standard is a very cool leather goods company you might know better as Whipping Post, which they used to do business under. Back in those days they also sold waxed jackets and parkas, but they’ve since pared down their offerings. Their product line now specializes in leather: totes, duffles, the rare leather backpack, dopp … Read more

Is Filson’s $1000 Leather Briefcase Worth It?

Filson’s Rugged Twill briefcase is maybe the most iconic cotton briefcase there is, named by The New York Times as the “best tough briefcase” and called “ubiquitous” by The Wall Street Journal.1 2 My current mission is to find the best leather bag for men, so it was only a matter of time before I … Read more

Why You Need Satchel and Page’s Mailbag (Review)

Satchel & Page is a direct to consumer brand that focuses on really, really good leather. It’s not that design isn’t a priority for them, rather the products are purposefully simple in order to draw attention to the quality of the leather itself — there are no unnecessary buckles, bells, or whistles. When I’m asked … Read more

Carl Friedrik’s Briefcase Review: Prada Quality for Under $600?

Formerly called Oppermann, Carl Friedrik was founded in 2012 and aims to disrupt the industry of luxury men’s bags by going direct to consumer: no middlemen, no stores, no retail space, just quality goods sold right on the internet. At first glance, the brand’s emphasis on saving money with a DTC business model had me … Read more

The Best Value Leather Bag? Cravar’s Game Changing, Very Indonesian F.C. 15

Having a really cool bag to carry your stuff in can make all the difference between a good day and a bad day.   I have more than a few cool leather bags, but Cravar is something else. Not a lot of people are aware of them stateside because they don’t have a huge advertising budget, … Read more

Kodiak Leather Bags Review: Pilot Bag vs Satchel

Today I’m taking a look at two buffalo leather bags from Kodiak Leather, a family run business that as started  in 2014 by Jared Morse, who was frustrated by the lack of reasonably priced, rugged leather bags. If you’ve seen popular leather bags like Saddleback and thought, “Shouldn’t I be able to get a cool … Read more

11-Year-Old Saddleback: The Ultimate Leather Bag Review

Probably the most talked about men’s leather bag on Earth, this is the legendary, and slightly controversial, Large Classic Leather Briefcase from Saddleback.   And I’m reviewing two of them. One of them is my own Dark Coffee Brown bag that I’ve been carrying around New York City for about 6 months. The other is from … Read more