A Complete Guide to The Bear’s Groundbreaking Menswear | T-Shirts, Jeans, Suits, and More

Hulu’s The Bear is a runaway hit. Season 2’s debut in June 2023 brought in 70% more viewers than the Season 1 debut a year earlier, and by mid-July the series had garnered 13 Emmy nominations.  The Bear connects with a lot of people for a lot of different reasons, starting with the excellent writing, … Read more

Why Wonder Looper Made (Probably) The World’s Heaviest Hoodie and Tee

There’s always a subset of guys who want the superlative: the fastest car, the most expensive watch, the thickest jeans. That’s why we were intrigued when we heard about the new brand Wonder Looper, a Japan-based company that modified rare, top-secret machinery to produce what they are just about positive is the world’s heaviest hoodie.  … Read more

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Whether you lift a couple times a week or you’re a bodybuilder, chances are you’ve had issues with finding shirts that fit off-the-rack. Popular brands cater their clothes to fit the majority of the population, which usually means there is an emphasis on boxy, traditional fits for the average body type or slim fits as … Read more

The Best Athletic Fit Button Down | A Teddy Stratford Review (and Discount Code)

I’ve bought at least half a dozen shirts from Teddy Stratford over the last 5 years, and I finally convinced them to give me a discount code — STRIDEWISE for 15% off — so I’d have an excuse to do a video on the only button-down shirts I wear. Whether or not you lift weights, … Read more

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A lot of guys and gals out there consider short sleeve shirts a no-no, and I get it: no one wants to look like Dwight Schrute. But I’m here to argue that they can be worn well. I’ll start by listing some advice that I’ll call rules but are really just suggestions that I think … Read more

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The Canadian Tuxedo, Denim Leisure Suit, Ol’ Blue Blazer, the Trucker, Bluniform, Double Denim, or my personal favourite, the Dunville Dinner Jacket. No matter what you call it, we can all agree that denim jackets look pretty damn cool. There are a lot of options out there to complete the Cliff Booth special, and at … Read more

Filson’s Lined Packer Coat May Be the Most Epic Wool Coat on Earth

The Filson Lined Wool Packer Coat is one of the boldest statements in rugged wear today. When you first put it on, it seems to wear you. Then you go through a break-in period when you and this coat compete for dominance, over who will be noticed first. Then, you get comfortable with it; its … Read more

The 5 Best “Heritage” Style Shorts for Rugged Guys

This is a really niche topic, but since this site is about the kind of apparel that I look for, we’re doing it: the best heritage shorts. What Does Heritage Mean? We’ve published an entire article about what heritage means, but generally speaking, it refers to vintage or vintage-inspired casual American clothing for men, and … Read more