Is Waxed Cotton Waterproof?

On the face of it, cotton doesn’t have a lot going for it in the waterproof stakes. If you’ve ever been out in a heavy rainstorm wearing only a denim jacket, you will know this to be true. But add wax to cotton, and it’s a game-changer. Cotton is no longer confined to dry weather … Read more

Better Than Filson? Bradley Mountain’s 20-OZ Canvas Backpack Review

I’m a little embarrassed at how badly I wanted this bag. I was salivating over it for months (maybe a year) before finally pulling the trigger, because… it is an investment. But I don’t know if I own a cooler backpack. Do I own more “functional” backpacks? Sure. Do I own more “modern” bags? Certainly. But … Read more

Canvas Vs Twill – Is One More Durable?

While writing my piece about the best waxed canvas backpacks, I was reminded that there are a ton of ways to weave cotton and that the average guy’s understanding of different types of weaves and names for fabrics could probably use a polish.  So, to get a better understanding of this somewhat complex subject, I … Read more