Thursday Cowboy Boots Review | The Desperado Rides In

I have always owned cowboy boots. When I heard that Thursday Boot Company was releasing a line of cowboy boots, I was excited, and thought that it only made sense. Thursday Boots are of impressive quality, are always made with an enormous respect for heritage, and have features and details usually found in much more … Read more

Thursday’s Maverick Boots Review | The Best Value Cowboy Boots?

Thursday Boot Company is a brand that needs no introduction; their stellar marketing has put the brand’s name firmly in the public consciousness. I see dozens of people wearing their flagship Captains every week in Manhattan, I’ve witnessed their ads on the subway, and I’m bombarded by them every time I Google anything related to … Read more

Tecovas Annie Boot Review | A Perfect Blend of Classic and Audacious

White cowboy boots are a statement piece. They’re giving Dolly Parton. They’re giving Reba McIntyre. They’re giving Vegas in the ‘80s. They’re totally impractical for doing whatever you’re actually supposed to do in cowboy boots (ride cows? Jk I dunno), but they look very cool and completely alter the vibe of any outfit. You have … Read more

Tecovas’ Boots Review | Is the Earl the Perfect Cowboy Boot for Everyone?

Whether you’re true blue, honest-to-God cowpuncher, or a Brooklyn hipster looking to add a little bit of Western flair into your folksy wardrobe, odds are you’ve heard of Tecovas. There are so many new brands popping up every day following a seemingly similar model” create a shiny new, direct-to-consumer brand, market yourself as a fresh, … Read more

Thursday Rodeo Boot Review | The Cowgirl Boot With Sneaker Comfort

I was born in Texas, which automatically makes me an expert on cowboy boots. However *begins speaking in a whisper* I haven’t actually owned a pair of cowboy boots since the plastic heel fell off the pair I bought at Payless for some embarrassing fraternity event back in college. This is, perhaps, because I moved … Read more

Chisos Boot Review | One Month In the Most Comfortable Cowboy Boots

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If you ever watched the smash-hit TV series, The Walking Dead, you will almost certainly have pondered ‘What kind of boots does Rick Grimes Wear?’ And that’s completely understandable as Rick’s boots are an essential part of the Rick Grimes costume throughout the show’s entire run, from the first season onwards. As one of the … Read more

How Should Cowboy Boots Fit? Fitting Tips for Fashion and Comfort

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