Timberlands Vs Doc Martens: The Most Iconic Boot Battle Ever

doc marten vs timberland

This is it: the boot comparison. I’ve compared boots before, it’s true —  Wolverine Vs. Thursday, Viberg Vs. Alden, Alden Vs. Allen Edmonds Vs. Grant Stone — but this is different. Timberlands and Doc Martens aren’t just big in the world of boots, these two brands are probably the most popular boots outside this world. You know, in the … Read more

Doc Martens Review: Why The 1460s Are Overrated

Doc Martens together

Here’s a weird fact I hadn’t heard before I started researching these boots: the first Dr. Martens boot was designed by Dr. Klaus Märtens who was a doctor in the German Army in 1945. As in the Nazi Army. He injured his ankle while skiing and found that the Nazis’ standard-issue army boots were uncomfortable on his … Read more