Akubra Bushman Review: For the Australian Cowboy

I’ve been wearing hats for quite a few years now.  Some of my inspirations for hat styles have come from movies.  An early example for me and countless others, was the fedora worn by Harrison Ford in “Raiders of the Lost Ark”.  Soon after the release of the film, the popularity of the fedora skyrocketed.   … Read more

Akubra Campdraft Review – The Best Australian Hat?

When most people think of cowboy hats, they think of the iconic American company, Stetson, but a company who may not be as well known here in the US — but is just as rugged and iconic — is the Australian company, Akubra.   Akubra has been making quality fur felt hats since it was founded … Read more

Filson’s Tin Cloth Packer Hat Review

Filson’s Tin Cloth is a 14-15oz duck canvas hat that is pumped full of oils and liquified paraffin wax. The result is an abrasion and water-resistant fabric that will patina nicely as you wear it. Named for its toughness, Tin Cloth has been a staple in outerwear and workwear for decades. The Packer hat is … Read more

Stetson Open Road Hat Review | The Western Hat Anyone Can Pull Off

If you’re interested in clothes, and chances are that you are, then at some point you’ve asked yourself that eternal question: Can I pull off a hat? You feel like a brimmed hat could be cool,l but you don’t want to look like you’re playing dress up as a cowboy or a 1930s gangster. If … Read more