Review: The Classic 8” LL Bean Men’s Bean Boot Is Misunderstood

It would be easy to call the Classic 8” LL Bean Men’s Bean Boot “iconic,” and accurate as well, but the Bean Boot does something more. It transcends this categorization to “symbolic.” It is symbolic of Autumn in New England, of thick wool sweaters over flannel shirts draped over jeans. It is symbolic of an … Read more

The 9 Best Waterproof Boots for Men | Work Boots, Hiking Boots, Chelsea, Casual, Dressy

Finding waterproof boots that are truly waterproof — especially ones that look any good — is a challenge. They’re typically made with comically thick lugs, puffy insulation, and an outdoorsy design that’s more practical than stylish, but in this list we’re giving you a balance of the best waterproof boots that excel in form and … Read more