What is Selvedge Denim? A Complete Guide to Looms, Fades, and Sanforizing

Given practically everybody wears jeans, a lot of people hit a point where they wonder if there’s a “better” kind of jean than your bog standard, mall brand Levi’s and American Eagles. There is: it’s selvedge denim. But as soon as you start searching for brands, or simply whether or not selvedge denim is worth the … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Getting the Best Denim Fades | How to Wash, When to Wash, and the Truth About Soaking

When it comes to the world of nice denim, it might be the most common question that gets asked: how do I get great fades on my jeans? For many, this is the whole reason they spend a little extra to buy selvedge jeans: the sturdier, old fashioned kind that’s made on shuttle looms. This … Read more