Red Wing Classic Chelsea Boot Review: The Chelsea That Works

For what I would consider America’s most beloved heritage boot company, Red Wing has had a surprisingly spotty history with Chelseas. Maybe that’s because this slip on boot’s origins aren’t in American workwear like most of the company’s boots, but because Chelseas started out as horse riding boots in Victorian England — they’re said to … Read more

Chukka vs Chelsea Boots: Which Are Right for You?

I wear a lot of boots and I’m often asked about specific styles, like what’s a Chukka boot or what’s a Chelsea Boot. Which is better for the office? Is one more comfy? Brother, you’re in the right place. Here, we’re comparing and contrasting two completely different styles of boots so you can know which … Read more

Red Wing Weekender Chelsea Review: Leisure Boots With Workwear Pedigree

If you’re thinking about getting any pair of boots, there’s a good chance Red Wing is one of the first names that came to mind. So, when I decided I needed more Chelsea boots, I had to pick up the most popular Chelsea from Red Wing. Red Wing is one of the most iconic brands … Read more