Thursday Cavalier Review | Why It’s the Best Value Chelsea Boot

Besides the time-saving lacelessness, one of my favorite things about Chelsea boots is how many varieties exist on the market. You can have rugged work Chelseas like Blundstones and dressy suit boots like Carmina, but neither are all that versatile — and Chelseas that dress up typically cost well over $400.  Enter my favorite Chelsea … Read more

How To Clean Suede Boots | The Best Products and a Step-By-Step Guide

While extremely popular amongst dress shoe enthusiasts, suede is often not the first choice of leather sought out by people looking to buy boots. This is largely due to two misconceptions: that suede boots are harder to clean and suede is more delicate than smooth leather. While it is true that traditional suede is more … Read more

The 12 Best Dress Boots for Men (Fall 2023) | Balmoral, Chelsea, Custom, and More

Dressing up with boots can seem like a risky endeavor, but there are real benefits to picking boots over oxford shoes! Boots aren’t just for factory workers: they offer more support and stability than shoes and reduce the risk of foot pain and ankle sprains, regardless of where or how you’re wearing them. While some … Read more