Pack Animal’s Rally Pack Review: Old School Materials Meet Modern Design

With easily the coolest name for a backpack company I’ve ever heard, Pack Animal’s mission is to combine the best of pricy-but-not-always-functional heritage backpacks, cool-but-overbuilt technical backpacks, and trendy-but-not-that-tough fashion backpacks. All of that comes together with their flagship, waxed twill, roll top Rally Pack.  The design is eye catching but their commercials, which lean … Read more

Canvas Vs Twill – Is One More Durable?

While writing my piece about the best waxed canvas backpacks, I was reminded that there are a ton of ways to weave cotton and that the average guy’s understanding of different types of weaves and names for fabrics could probably use a polish.  So, to get a better understanding of this somewhat complex subject, I … Read more