Grant Stone Brass Boot Review: Why It’s the Best Moc Toe You Can Buy

When I visited a guy with 75 pairs of boots, he said the Brass Boot is his all-time favorite boot. When I  published my latest list of the best men’s boots on the market, I put the Brass Boot as The Best Moc-Toe, even beating out my trusty Red Wings. This boot is what everyone … Read more

Parkhurst Allen Boot Review: Dublin the Pleasure, Dublin the Fun

Like a young Wayne Gretzky hoisting his first Stanley Cup (I couldn’t afford the rights, but trust me, he looked excited), I raised my new boots towards the heavens awaiting my wife’s response. “They kind of look like your other boots,” is all she said. This is partially true. There are similarities, but that’s because … Read more

The 8 Best Vegetable Tanned Leather Boots You Can Buy

Ready to step your boot game up? Whenever veg tan boots get thrown into the mix, that often means a well-crafted pair with the perk of greater patina potential — like a blank canvas you can paint your own story on. And among leather footwear enthusiasts, both the heritage boot guys as well as the … Read more