Grant Stone’s Nora Boot Review | Sleek Women’s Boots That Last

I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, but I harbor a deep love for punk and pop punk. This applies to both music and style. In high school, I was definitely wearing a lot of black, jeans with zippers and safety pins, and plenty of black combat boots. To this day, I love the feeling … Read more

Adelante Granada Boot Review | A Women’s Bootie That’ll Last

In a world of fast fashion shoes, it can be hard to discern the difference between what’s truly timeless and what’s just the latest fad. Fast fashion trends can be great for folks who are on a budget or just getting to know their personal style. But if you’re looking for time-tested style and quality, … Read more

Ariat Women’s Wexford Boot Review | Waterproof Yet Stylish

When you’re looking for an all-around boot that’s timeless, comfortable, and goes with pretty much everything, it’s hard to beat a Chelsea. The elastic-sided style is said to have been invented by Queen Victoria’s shoemaker back in 1837, and became all the rage in England by the mid-1800s. I love this style of boot because … Read more

Vagabond Blanca Boot Review | A Fashion Forward Bootie

In college, I worked for a boutique owned by a Swedish-French woman. She was in her 60s and she was fabulous — her bobbed hair was always perfect, her shoes sensible yet stylish, and her color palette all in sophisticated neutrals. She taught me to appreciate timeless style and introduced me to the genius of … Read more

Thursday Knockout Boots Review | The Chelseas With Attitude

As a 5’8” woman, I used to be queen of the flat shoe. Residual insecurities from middle school when I was taller than all the boys, I guess. But recently, a combined realization that: flat shoes are awful for your knees, and being a tall lady is actually cool and hot and powerful have changed … Read more

Red Wing’s Women Moc Toe Boot Review | Modern But Sturdy

After living in New York City for five years, my partner and I recently moved back to where we grew up in Northern California. Of course, life in NorCal is very different from life in NYC — we tend to spend a lot more time outdoors and traversing different climates throughout the day than we … Read more

Red Wing Clara Boot Review | The Women’s Boot That’ll Last

I firmly believe that the right shoe makes the outfit. So it stands to reason that everyone needs at least one shoe in their closet that’s both stylish and serious, something that can actually go from day to night seamlessly and work well in any season. If you’re looking for the type of boot that … Read more

Thursday Rodeo Boot Review | The Cowgirl Boot With Sneaker Comfort

I was born in Texas, which automatically makes me an expert on cowboy boots. However *begins speaking in a whisper* I haven’t actually owned a pair of cowboy boots since the plastic heel fell off the pair I bought at Payless for some embarrassing fraternity event back in college. This is, perhaps, because I moved … Read more

Parkhurst’s Elmwood Review | Women’s Chelsea Boots Made Sustainably

I tend to be a very particular shopper, and when it comes to boots, I can be difficult to impress. As a fashionista, anything I buy must have the right silhouette and sleekness to wear with what the kids might call “a ‘fit.” But I also know that I wear my boots hard, and therefore … Read more

Thursday Boot Company’s Combat Boot Review | Better Than Dr. Martens?

I love a combat boot. Not because I am into war culture; I am, in fact, a pacifist and fell asleep so early into a viewing of Dunkirk that I didn’t know until last week that Harry Styles was in it (don’t @ me). I love a combat boot because it makes me appear tough, … Read more