Bordon Colombia Boot Review | $700 Boots That Cost $350

When most people think of Colombia, they think of coffee. When I think of Colombia, I think of how I spelled it wrong for 39 years. Thankfully, I have learned how to spell it, and I have learned that they make some impressive boots! They are extremely, I mean extremely, detail oriented. In interviews, I’ve … Read more

2-Year Unbranded Denim Jacket Review – Can Budget Selvedge Measure Up?

The Canadian Tuxedo, Denim Leisure Suit, Ol’ Blue Blazer, the Trucker, Bluniform, Double Denim, or my personal favourite, the Dunville Dinner Jacket. No matter what you call it, we can all agree that denim jackets look pretty damn cool. There are a lot of options out there to complete the Cliff Booth special, and at … Read more

Please Sir, I Want Some Moorby | Canada West Boots Review

The date was October 17, 2019, I was mindlessly scrolling through my instagram feed when I was stopped by a pair of boots I didn’t recognize.  A quick tap and lo and behold, a brand I had never heard of!  Usually I am excited to find a new brand, but this time I felt shame.  … Read more

Parkhurst Allen Boot Review: Dublin the Pleasure, Dublin the Fun

Like a young Wayne Gretzky hoisting his first Stanley Cup (I couldn’t afford the rights, but trust me, he looked excited), I raised my new boots towards the heavens awaiting my wife’s response. “They kind of look like your other boots,” is all she said. This is partially true. There are similarities, but that’s because … Read more