How Tricker’s Makes Britain’s Best Boots (Factory Visit)

What does it take to make a boot that got a seal of approval from the Prince of Wales, now King Charles III, in the form of a royal warrant over 35 years ago? A royal warrant is a mark of recognition that a product is sufficiently high quality to outfit members of the British … Read more

Tannery Visit: How CF Stead Makes the World’s Best Suede

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A Complete Guide to The Bear’s Groundbreaking Menswear | T-Shirts, Jeans, Suits, and More

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How Is Shell Cordovan Made? Horween Leather Company Explains

Shell cordovan is perhaps the most highly prized — and priced — material you can make a pair of shoes from. World renowned for its durability, luxurious appearance, unstoppable shine, and  resistance to wrinkling, it’s hard to make. Extremely hard. There are many reasons for this. It can only be made from horse, and horsehides … Read more

The 7 Best Loafers For Men in 2023 | Dressy, Chunky, Horsebit, and More

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NYC’s Best Boot Stores: Allen Edmonds and Your First Dress Shoe

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Why Horween Leather Company is America’s Best Tannery

When it comes to leather, few tanneries can match the quality and craftsmanship of Horween Leather Company. Based in Chicago and founded in 1905, Horween has been producing some of the finest leather on Earth for over a century, making not only the most popular Shell Cordovan and boot leather (Chromexcel), but also dominating football … Read more

Inside NYC’s Best Shoe Stores: J. Fitzpatrick and His Patina Artistry

With so many newer brands in the scene offering not much more than their own version of classic American boot patterns, there are few bootmakers that stand out from the crowd. One brand that does is J. Fitzpatrick. Situated on Thompson St in Soho, this boutique footwear shop specializes in blending Victorian-era silhouettes with modern … Read more

What Boots Did Indiana Jones Wear?

In retrospect, Indiana Jones’s actions and reputation as an archeologist do not age well when you consider all the artifacts and ancient tombs he’s destroyed, but the one aspect of the character that did age well is his style. From his 3-piece Brooks Brother suit to his signature Herbert Johnson fedora, many people look up … Read more