Thursday Captain Boot Review (2023) | Why It’s the Best Value Boot On the Market

In an industry of hundred-year-old brands, Thursday Boot Company is one of the newest and most talked about boot companies out there. When they were students, founders Connor Wilson and Nolan Walsh encountered a problem many of you have probably experienced: good boots are really expensive.

And cheap boots fall apart too easily.

And work boots are too clunky for the office, and fashion boots can be too dainty and feminine.

Sensing a gap in the market, the two launched the direct to consumer Thursday Boot Company with the goal of delivering the perfect hybrid boot at a low mark-up.

Today they sell a wide variety of men’s and women’s boots, dress shoes, and accessories, almost all of which cost under two hundred dollars. Do they really stand up to the test? Two years ago I ordered a pair of their most popular boots, the Captain boot, to find out.

The Best Damn Boot
Thursday Boot Co. Captain Boot

A comfortable, durable, and versatile cap toe boot handcrafted with quality leather from US hides and featuring Goodyear welt construction. The Captain is built to last — and match with anything.

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Who Should Buy the Thursday Captain Boot? 

  • Those who value versatility; this is a new hybrid of dress and work boot that looks great with just about any outfit.
  • People who want great value; at under $200, this is far and away the best price for a resoleable boot.
  • Guys who prize longevity and durability; this boot can be resoled an infinite number of times.
  • Folks who focus on comfort; this is a rare boot that’s made with sneaker-like shock absorbing foam in the footbed.
  • People who like a lot of choices; there are over a dozen different leathers available,

Who Shouldn’t Buy the Thursday Captain Boot? 

  • Those who prefer American made boots; for that, check out the company’s Vanguard.
  • Anyone who needs a seriously heavy duty work boot or hiking boot; this is more of a city boot, although it is very weather resistant.
  • Guys who want to try before they buy; this is a direct to consumer company, so you need to have them delivered before you can try them. That said, they have free delivery and exchanges, so it’s not too risky.

thursday captain boot welt

Thursday Captain Boot Overview

  • Innovative “hybrid” of a dress boot and work boot
  • Handsome, low profile silhouette
  • Stacked leather heel
  • Rich, full grain leather available in over a dozen colors

In an effort to make this review as useful as possible, I got their most generic color: “Brown,” also known as “Thursday Chrome.” What I love about it is that it has hints of burgundy, and that subtle red undercurrent makes it the rare kind of brown that can also work with black/grey color palettes.

The leather is approximately 1.8 millimeters thick, about 0.4mm thinner than you’ll find in more chunky workhorse-y boots like the Red Wing Iron Ranger but thicker than the 1.0 millimeter leather uppers you might find on a dress shoe.

A distinguishing feature is the toecap, but these aren’t your dad’s work boots. The silhouette is streamlined with a sleeker toe box, making for a very sensible-looking boot that can work with an old t-shirt and jeans or with a pair of slacks. They’d certainly be at home in a business casual environment, where they’d fit far more comfortably than Red Wings or Wolverines with their bulbous, informal toe boxes.

thursday captain terracotta
Another pair of mine in the “Terracotta” leather.

It’s an understated boot, but the simplicity works in its favor. The brass, double backed washers and flat wax laces add to the clean look, there’s a full 360-degree Goodyear welt that’s subtle and almost blends right into the vamp, and there’s a low-profile studded rubber sole. The sole is custom made by Thursday Boots, so it doesn’t have the long-standing reputation of Vibram or Dainite, but after years of wear I’d say the Thursdays perform just as effectively, holding up remarkably well in inclement weather.  

Handsome and understated were my first impression, but the best thing? No quality control issues. I remember reading a few wry Reddit post about Thursday Boots’ lack of QC in their initial Kickstarter days, which I confess made me a little skeptical. (Although you’ve always got to take Reddit commentary with a grain of salt.) When I got my Captains, I scoured them with a fine toothed comb: no loose threads, no loose grain, no welting issues, not even any discoloration. That scored big marks right out of the gate, since I’ve come to expect QC issues of boots three times this price.

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thursday captain boot walking

Thursday Captain Boot Leather

  • Combination tanned; has the vibrance of chrome tanned leather with durability of vegetable tanned
  • Great color consistency
  • 1.8-2.0 millimeters thick
  • Works well in dressy and informal environs, but for more heavy duty leather check out Thursday’s “Rugged and Resilient” leathers

So what the heck is Thursday Chrome? My Brown boots are made with a custom-developed, full grain leather that’s strikingly similar to Horween’s Chromexcel®, which I’d call the most beloved American boot leather. Chromexcel takes 28 days to make and is jam-packed with oils and greases, including beef tallow and beeswax, to imbue it with a particularly rich luster and depth of color. That process is called “hot stuffing” and while Horween’s recipe is proprietary, Thursday clearly does something very similar with their Chrome.

One hundred percent of their leather comes from Tier 1 United States cattle, and it’s processed at Lefarc tannery in the leather hub of León, Mexico. Lefarc won a gold medal from Leather Working Group in 2009, was named one of the two best tanneries in the Americas by World Leather Magazine in 2013, and they process leather for a wide variety of American boot companies — I actually visited them for a fun series of videos in 2021.

The leather is very consistent in appearance, but if you like boots because the way they develop character, be patient:

After a couple of weeks of wear, my shoes did indeed develop character and light creases and began to look well loved, while certainly remaining handsome enough for more dressed up wear. Again, this is particular to the Brown leather; many of their leathers, like the Terracotta in the video above, are better suited for casual wear and dramatic patina. This leather ages just right: they got character, but not scars.

The “Rugged and Resilient” line of leathers is worth emphasizing, here, especially as the company’s most popular leathers — Arizona Adobe and Black Matte — fall under this category. These are oil tanned leathers, meaning they’ve been imbued with a variety of oils that help to keep the leather hydrated and weather resistant. Initially a one off, the Rugged and Resilient line has become the model’s most popular options and they cost the same as any of the others, so consider one of those picks if you really want to put your boots through the ringer and you’re less interested in a pair that can be worn business casual.

thursday leather boot care

Thursday Captain Boot Leather Care

  • Condition once or twice per year
  • Rub with a clean, dry rag
  • Apply Cobbler’s Choice  or similar product
  • Buff with horsehair brush

You should know that to develop the look of beautiful, well loved leather that every guy loves, your boots need a little moisturizing now and then — just like the skin on your face. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. First, rub them down with a clean, dry rag.
  2. Then dab some leather balm on the rag and work it into all their creases. (Thursday recommends Cobbler’s Choice, which I’ve reviewed.)
  3. Once you’ve worked the balm into all the creases, gently wipe the boot down until there’s just a thin film of balm on the shoe.
  4. Buff it with a horsehair brush, let them dry for ten minutes, and they’re good to go.

How often you should condition the boots depends on how often you wear them, but I think twice a year is a good idea if they’re getting a lot of use. Meanwhile, the company insists the Rugged and Resilient line needs no care at all.

Thursday Captain sole

Thursday Captain Boot Sole

  • Rubber outsole
  • Cork-bed midsole
  • Anti-fatigue steel shank
  • Soft leather lining
  • Dura EVA comfort strip

I mentioned the nifty, studded rubber outsole and after a lot of wear I found it offered excellent traction, as expected. It looks a lot like the popular Dainite sole, seen on countless boots over $350, but Thursday makes their own rubber that works just as well. I wore these during several particularly grueling storms and didn’t once find myself skittering into a gutter, as I have with other brands.

Sure, those studs might not be quite as “classic” as a smooth leather sole, but it’s grippier while remaining pretty low profile.

 thursday brown captain boots model

The sole is secured to the boot with a classic 360-degree Goodyear welt, widely considered the best way to construct a boot. In short, the leather upper and the sole, instead of being attached to each other, are attached to a strip of leather called a welt. This makes them water resistant and easy to resole. Unlike some bulkier boots, the outsole don’t form an especially chunky “shelf” around the upper — it’s neat, sleek, and contributes to their ability to be dressed up. 

After the outsole  there’s a cork-bed midsole, an anti-fatigue steel shank for arch support, soft leather lining on the inside, and their secret sauce: the “Dura EVA” comfort strip. This is the key to Thursday’s famous comfort. Often used in athletic shoes, the EVA comfort strip has been updated and upgraded many times throughout several iterations of their boots. Today it’s called a custom made Dura EVA comfort strip, which Thursday says has a bit more bounce than older models.

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Thursday Captain Boot Sizing & Comfort

  • Size down to the nearest half size; probably half a size down from your sneaker size
  • Widths come in “standard” (D/E) or “wide” (EE/EEE)
  • Cork mid-sole/EVA foam combo takes a few wears to break in

I’m between 11.5 and 12 on a Brannock device and while all my sneakers are 12, almost all of my boots are 11, because it’s super common for boots to run large. But in the Captain, I’m a roomy 11.5 — I suspect I’d be a perfect 11.2 if they made it, which is exactly half a size down from my Brannock sizing. 

In short: size down to the nearest half size.

They’re available in two widths, and the approach here is a little unusual. From narrow to wide, boot widths go B, C, D (this is normal), E, EE, and EEE. Thursday threw all that out the window, offering just two widths: Standard, for D or E widths, and Wide for EE or EEE widths. 

They note:

Many customers who wear EE widths have had success ordering ½ size larger to accommodate their feet for footwear in our Standard width. Similarly, many customers who purchase C widths have had success ordering ½ size smaller to accommodate their feet for footwear in our Standard width.

Thursday sells direct to consumer so it’s tough to try before you buy, but they’ve got free shipping and returns anywhere in the U.S., so you shouldn’t feel nervous about accidentally getting the wrong width or size.

As for comfort, the leather and sole broke in easily, but foam + cork combo did take a few wears to conform to my feet. The first time I wore these boots, it felt a little like I was walking on sand.

Be patient. All my concerns melted away as the insole and midsole molded to the shape of my foot and ultimately left me feeling like I was wearing a sneaker.  

thursday captain boot heel

Thursday Captain Boot Price

  • $199

The Captain and practically all of their boots are $199 on both their official site and Amazon, a ridiculous steal for the quality and comfort.

Given the quality of the materials and the construction, they are offering an exceptional deal. I doubt they could be making much profit on these boots with their current prices, but as a consumer, I can’t say I’m complaining much.

The Best Damn Boot
Thursday Boot Co. Captain Boot

A comfortable, durable, and versatile cap toe boot handcrafted with quality leather from US hides and featuring Goodyear welt construction. The Captain is built to last — and match with anything.

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

thursday brown captain boots on feet

Thursday Captain Boot: To Buy or Not to Buy?

These boots have full grain leather from American cows, Goodyear welts, extreme versatility, good grip, surprising durability, and irresistible comfort. I’ve really put these through the ringer and while they’re not unmarked, I’m very impressed by how much punishment they could take while looking relatively well cared for.

The main criticisms I can see someone having are that these aren’t really the boots you’d want for hiking or outdoor work, the insole and midsole isn’t the good old fashioned leather and cork used by the legacy brands, and since they sell direct to consumer, you can’t try them on for size before buying them. (But again, returns are free, so I wouldn’t sweat it.)

Thursday Captain Boot West Village

While nothing is perfect, no other boot in the industry has impressed me the way the Captain has. The construction, durability, design, comfort, brand, and above all the price have completely seduced me.

A lot of critics look at Thursday’s price tag and warn, “You’ll get what you pay for.” With the Captain, you get much, much more.

Thursday Captain FAQ

Here are the most frequently asked questions from guys looking to buy Thursday’s Captain boot.

What type of boot is Thursday Captain?

Thursday Captain Boots are cap toe service boots, which means they're leather lace up boots with stitching across the toes and a fairly low profile — they're not big and blocky like work boots, they're streamlined and suitable for casual and business casual wear. 

Are Thursday captains waterproof?

They’re very water resistant, though not technically waterproof. Their Goodyear welt construction and water resistant leather mean your socks will stay dry in a rainstorm, they’re just not ideal for standing in a lake fishing all day.

Are Thursday boots durable?

Yes, they have all the hallmarks of your traditional rough and tumble boots: full grain leather, leather midsoles, and Goodyear welt construction — so you can replace the sole when you need to and thereby extend the boot’s lifespan. If you need something to handle a jobsite and electrical hazards you should perhaps look elsewhere, but for daily wear it’s far more durable than a sneaker.

Are Thursday Captain boots resolable?

Yes, all of the Captain boots can be resoled because of their Goodyear welt construction. Some are made with storm welts, but this is just another kind of Goodyear welt that's extra water resistant.

Do you think they are good for everyday casual wear or too clunky?

The Captain boot stands out in the market for its unusual silhouette: slimmer than a chunky work boot, but less dainty than dress boots. This makes for an extremely versatile piece of footwear that can be paired with everything from a blazer to a t-shirt.

How do I care for the Thursday Captains?

It depends on the leather; there are over a dozen different kinds to choose from. For most of the leathers, applying Cobbler’s Choice Leather Conditioner every 6 to 12 months will help to hydrate the leather and improve its longevity. The Rugged & Resilient lines don't need conditioning, but it’s also a good idea to leave cedar shoe trees in the boots between wears to help maintain their shape and reduce moisture.

How long does it take to break in Thursday’s Captains?

Usually, no time at all: the leather is about 0.2 millimeters thinner than most chunky work boots plus there’s shock absorbing foam on the insole, both of which make for a boot that’s easier to break in. However, Thursday’s “Rugged and Resilient” line of leathers are tougher and stiffer and will take a few wears to soften up.
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77 thoughts on “Thursday Captain Boot Review (2023) | Why It’s the Best Value Boot On the Market”

  1. Hi Nick, just wondering what kind of QC issues do you look for when purchasing a boot? I’m about to order my first pair and looking at reddit reviews, I’m terrified I will not notice and just use a defective product. TY!

  2. Hi Nick, I was wondering if you would be able to a comparison of the Thursday boot Captain vs the Iron Ranger from Redwing? These ar ethe two I’m kind of stuck between right now.

    • Hey Ian, I’ve got a Thursday Vs Wolverine coming out in a little bit but to answer your question briefly, I’d say the Red Wing is a chunkier, tougher, more outdoorsy shoe that would more comfortably be described as a workboot. As such it’s a bit less versatile and dressy than the Captain, plus the Red Wing has thicker leather that’s harder to break in. It depends on what environments you’re planning to wear the boots in I guess, but you also have to take into account the Thursday is over a hundred dollars cheaper. I also prefer its welt and sole…

      I don’t know, it’s hard to make a decision between the two, it really depends on your needs. If you don’t have a ton of boots, versatility is usually the most important factor for me. Hope that helps!

  3. Hi Nick, hello from Hong Kong. Came across your site and learned a lot about Boots from you. I have been thinking to buy the Captain or Scout Boots. Do they good enough to be kind of rain boots? I always want to buy boots that’s not too causal and with some degree of water resistance that I can wear to office. Thursday is reasonably priced and fits my bill. Would love to hear your opinion. Thanks.

    • Hey Brian, yeah I think the Thursday boots are solid in the rain, they’ve got a 360-degree Goodyear welt so they’re very water resistant. Hope you like ’em!

  4. Hey Nick! I’ve been in the market for a new pair of boots, I’m a daily motorcycle rider and your reviews have really helped me out in narrowing down what I need from a utility standpoint. Love how in-depth you go and really explore the boot. It might be beneficial to do a review on a lower tier boot to help review possible pitfalls for consumers.

    • Thanks Graham! Yeah I’m trying to do some cheaper boots, I’ve got a few from LL Bean and Doc Martens and stuff coming out soon. Appreciate you commenting!

      • Just wanted to follow up and say I purchased Thursday’s captain boot as a result of your reviews. Gotta say you were spot on! Definitely recommending your site to my friends. After a couple weeks I’m extremely happy with my purchase. They do well in both wet and cold weather with water not penetrating seams or over saturating the leather. I was nervous about the outsole but it has a confident grip which was good when I backed out of my drive way down a wet and sloped incline. All that combined with the above ankle cut of the boot makes it great for motorcycle riders.

        • So glad to hear it, Graham! Delighted they worked out for you. I really do believe these boots are the best combination of construction, value, and materials. Have never been sure about whether or not they’d work for motorcycle riders when people ask me, glad to hear they’re working for you!

  5. Hi Nick,

    I’ve been wearing CBD’s for the last 4-5 years as an all-around work and play boot and looking to upgrade to something a little more durable yet still holding a bit of that “hybrid” feel between fashion and function. I also wanted to make sure I could get a boot with a relatively easily replaceable sole – because that’s what always goes out in my CBD’s. First I read your comparison between Iron Rangers and 1000 Miles and was going to pull the trigger on the 1000 Miles because of the Vibram outsole (Evans). But now, thanks to your comparison with Thursday Boot Company’s Captains – you may have saved me $200. I wouldn’t have known about the absence of the steel shank, and the crinkling of the leather, though I may end up getting a pair of each eventually. Really appreciate what you’re doing here. Thank you for your help!

    • Hey Austin thanks for commenting man. I think going from CDBs to Thursdays is a really good move, Thursdays aren’t all that much more expensive (considering how expensive boot get) but the quality is a lot better and the sole is easily replaceable. Also the Clarks boot’s sole is crepe which wears through very fast, Thursday’s is a hardier rubber. I really appreciate your kind words about the site! If you do get Wolverines eventually I think it’d pay to get them in a store so you can inspect the leather yourself and make sure there’s no loose grain and stuff. If you can do that, and you get the rubber sole, they’re pretty good boots. Enjoy!

  6. Hey Nick, thanks for the highly informative review: here’s a fashion/wear question. I got the terra cotta color thinking it was a bit warmer and more versatile – turns out it’s lighter than I thought & I’m thinking it might show scuffs easier than the brown. So now I’m thinking to exchange with either brown or black. I am NOT going to wear these on trails or working outdoors, it’s more biz casual or just casual. I do wear a lot of black but like the mild contrast of the dark brown. Any thoughts on the best all-around color? Thanks.

    • Hey thanks for the comment Rob, sorry for the delay. The terracotta boot looks a bit like the Burnt Copper I have for my Thursday Vanguards — yes, they’re lighter and scratch more, I think the idea though is to for the scratching to sort of build up until eventually you basically have a hatch like quality that makes the boots look badass and well worn. I think that looks great adventuring or in casual environments, for the office, depending on where you work, I can see what you mean about them not being as dressy as the other leathers. I think what you’re looking for is the Natural color – that’s light but not as outdoorsy. My colleague wears these every day and they look great.

  7. Hi Nick,

    Loved your reviews on the Thursday Captain here and on YouTube. I was considering buying the Thursday Explorer boot. Would like to hear your opinion on their quality, durability and comfort. Do you think they are good for everyday casual wear or too clunky?


    • Hey Arnab, thanks so much for the kind words! If you can believe it, I hadn’t even heard of their Explorer boots. They look like they’d be good bets for super snowy winters, they’re not waterproof but the storm welt is kind of an extra water resistant Goodyear welt. I don’t know if “clunky” is the word I’d use for them, I think they’d be acceptable during a very snowy/rainy day, they’d be forgivable. A bit odd to wear when there’s no precipitation to trudge through.

  8. Hi Nick,

    I just purchased the AE Higgins Mill boot in Brown, and the Thursday Captain in Brown. I love them both, and am slightly leaning towards the Thursday due the more fashionable, less clunky toe box. However, I am worried about the longevity, and also being able to resole them. Since the bottoms of the Thursdays are their own design, where would I be able to get another sole? Can you just take them to any cobbler? Allen Edmonds takes care of the entire resole process for you for 150 bucks.


    • Hey Matthew, thanks for commenting. Both shoes are Goodyear welted so they can both be resoled by any cobbler. I think most cobblers would have Dainite soles, which is what the HM has and is pretty much exactly what Thursday has, although they make their own sole it’s more or less meant to mimic Dainite. Don’t worry about either of them not being able to be resoled, you could probably get a cobbler to resole the HMs for under $150 as well. (I think.) Both shoes are super versatile but I’d agree the Thursday is a tad dressier.

  9. Nick,

    After finding Thursday Boots web site, I immediately gravitated to the Captain Boot. I read your in depth, unbiased and thorough reviews of the Captain. Then I watched your YouTube reviews of the Thursday President. Thank you for your excellent work in both written and video formats! Based on the information you presented I purchased a brown pair of the Captains and I couldn’t be happier! What an excellent pair of boots!

    I’m waiting for the Wingtip to become available again at Thursday. What is your impression of the Thursday Wingtip? I’m looking to have it fill the gap for dressier nights out with slacks, chinos or jeans.

    Thank you for your professionalism, excellent analysis and reporting.

    • Ed this means the world to me, thanks so much for leaving a comment, and I’m glad my words rung true for you! I haven’t tried the wingtip, they look pretty similar, just a different design on the toe and they look a bit dressier, so yeah I think they could work great when you’re dressing up a bit. Funnily enough that kind of broguing when it originally was designed was for hunting in the British countryside and it was an absolute sin to wear any boots with broguing anywhere except for the outdoors. Now they’re considered dressy!

  10. Nick,

    Greetings from way out East in Long Island.

    I’m absolutely obsessed with your YouTube channel- you convinced me to go with Thursday Wingtips- love them! Super comfy, stylish, and all.

    I have some of the Jos A Bank Cedar shoe trees, and I find that they are too tight to put in all the way, even if i loosen the laces a good amount. Do you have any brand recommendations, or am I being a wuss and push those trees in more.

    Keep up the great work!

    • This is so lovely to hear, Trevor! What a treat, I really appreciate your comment and am glad Stridewise helped you find a boot you love. If you’ve been wearing the boots too much to return them, head to a cobbler — most have dedicated shoe stretchers to help in situations like that.

      • It doesn’t need to be stretched, just wondering what shoe tree you use. The only one I can get in there is the cheap plastic, but have plenty of the cedar ones. Tho I’m a size 8, so that might have something to do with it?

  11. Hello Nick.

    And greetings from a tropical country! Wearing boots in the Philippines is considered “odd” however, that won’t stop me from purchasing me next pair of Thursdays!

    My question is, which color is much more versatile in terms of dressing business casual look and would be able to look bad ass with leather jackets?

    My choices are Black Captains and Brown President. And I already own a Cognac Suede Scout.

    Your unbiased review for Captains are on point and will look forward to hear more from your posts!

    • Haha I hope your boots are happy in the Philippines! I’m sorry for the delay in responding, my blog hid your comment for some reason. If badass is what you’re going for, I’d go with black. I prefer brown as it’s more versatile.

  12. Do you find that the upper tongue of the boots get scratched by the inner facings of the eyelets? the two upper lace hooks really do a job when i lace them up. Maybe thats just a part of the look as they break in, as it doesnt show when fully laced up

  13. Great review, I especially like how you get into the technical details of the material and construction. Not a lot of people know the difference between top grain and full grain, let alone about a hot stuffed tan.

    By the way, leather is usually measured in “ounces”. 1.8mm is between 4 and 5 ounces. In theory that’s based on the weight of a square foto of that leather, but in reality the actual weight of leather varies greatly depending on the animal and the tanning process and the phases of the moon. Generally 1 ounce = 1/64″ = 0.4mm.

    How do you think the Thursday President compares to Bates Chukkas? I’ve been wearing size 11E Bates Chukkas for years, but I’m thinking about switching to a Thursday President, but I’m a little worried that I won’t like them as much.

    What I like about the Bates Chukkas is that they’re as comfortable as a sneaker but nice enough to wear with a suit, and can handle wet weather. However, the Bates are $185 a pair and they don’t seem to last more than a year or two before the leather tears, usually on the outside of the vamp, about an inch forward from the edge of the upper.

    I’m a little worried about the thickness of the soles on the Thursday, and especially the thick heel. The Bates have a relatively thin sole, and I like that, though I usually like my Bates a bit better after the heels are worn down a bit. Having a thicker heel means my foot is tilted down and that causes an ache in the top of my foot if I walk too much with that.

    • Thanks Steve! Yeah I know leather is usually measured in ounces but it’s details that so few companies give out, I should make a habit of asking that number though. I mention on the Whites review and a few others.
      I can’t say I’ve tried those Chukkas I’m afraid! I’d definitely say the President would last longer, though. It’s true that the Thursday boots have a pretty high heel though.

  14. Thanks for the good info. I’m looking for a solid pair of versatile boots (casual work and going out) that will last 5+ years when warn a lot. Doing additional research, I’m finding some reviewers comment the Thursday’s start to fall apart by year 3 and the insole makes it not worth resoling. Any comment on this? At $200, the Captain is a great looking boot, but I’d rather spend more for Iron Rangers or similar and get a boot that will last if Thursday are more of a “short term” investment.

    • I think Thursdays are pretty durable but if you’re willing to spend more money on casual boots, it’s true the Iron Rangers have thicker leather and are a bit more suited for super casual beaters. I think they’re less versatile though.

  15. Hey Nick, love your YouTube channel and all the reviews you put out. I originally had my eyes set on a pair of AE Higgins Mills, but after going though a couple exchanges with loose grain and stitching issues, am thinking of giving up and going with Thursday. I read in one of the other comments that you also own a pair of Vanguards, how do those compare to the Captains? I am a little on the fence since the Vanguards don’t have speed hooks.

    • Thanks a ton David! Sorry I missed your comment. The Vanguard review makes a lot of comparisons to the Captain that I think could be helpful, the main thing is they don’t have the EVA strip in the sole so it’s more of a traditional workboot feel. The last is a tad narrower too, I preferred going true to size with them.

  16. Hi Nick,
    Thursday boots seems really attractive. Maybe inspired by Viberg boots? What do you think of the Vanguard model? It cost a little more than other Thursday boots.

  17. Hi Nick,
    Thanks for a thorough review. Im heading to Ireland in a few weeks and wanted another boot aside from my hiking boots; one that would hold up well, be comfortable, and look good with jeans or slacks. You’ve convinced me the Captain will fit the bill.

  18. Hi Nick,
    Great review! I’ve been looking at these boots vs the usual suspects. You mentioned something above regarding their high heel. I’m 6’2” and don’t need to add extra height. Are the heels of Thursday’s boots the same as RW, Wolverines, etc?


  19. You are the worst!

    After finding and watching your youtube vids, I now have a pair of Captains (received last night), surprisingly purchased via I’m in Sydney 🙂 and some Edwin Selvedge jeans!

    Captains a size 7.5D as i’m an 8 E (orEE)on sneakers. On first wear, my left foot settled perfectly, but my right is struggling it a bit(feels like the heel is being strangled.. how long do you think it would break in?

    Love what you do!

    • Haha a lot of guys cuss me out for costing them money. So the right is just tight on the heel? Maybe you should have gone with the wide fit if you’re EE. But since the right foot is fine maybe you could get a cobbler to stretch it out?

  20. Hi Nick. Enjoy your reviews. Between you and that Michael Smolski kid, I feel somewhat confident in buying these boots. But I also see some terrible reviews of them including chunks of the rubber sole chipping off, separation of the sole from the upper, and peeling of the insole liner. Some people also aren’t impressed with the leather quality. Any thoughts on those things? I’m used to low/medium quality boots like Docs 1460’s and Clark’s desert boots so I’m not going to judge them by Alden or Viberg standards. I’d love to buy some higher quality more expensive boots but just not in the cards right now. Of note, there are some AE Sullivan Street Dress Boots to be had for about $237 on sale right now but I’m no sure about the pebbled leather. I just want a boot I can dress up or down for travel so I can pack light. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

    • Hey Michael, glad you like the site. For me I really value versatility and cost, and I think Thursday wins in that regard. I know early models of the boot had some issues but my newer ones are holding up really well, I guess that’s all I can say about it! Parkhurst is another really solid brand, they’re a hundred dollars more expensive but they’re probably worth 200 dollars more if you want to roll the dice on them

  21. Hi again Nick. Thanks for the reply. I picked up some Captains and am quite happy. I got the Brandy full grain. Seems like nice leather but I’m not expert. Almost seems too perfect so I wonder if it’s corrected in any way. Time will tell about durability. The first pair had misaligned caps so sent them back but the second are almost flawless. Get what you mean about the feeling of walking on sand but man are they comfortable. Also managed to snag some AE Daltons on clearance + 20% 4th of a July sale + an additional 20% after complaining about some QC issues. Ended up less than the Captains. I ordered two sizes and one of them were absolutely terrible. AE should be embarrassed they sent them out. Not even seconds quality. Literally had two completely different color soles among many other issues. So my experience, limited as it is, was that I got better QC with the Thursdays. Also, was wondering if you were going to review the Daltons. Would be interested in your impressions.

  22. I just wanted to thank you.
    This review convinced me to give the Captain’s a try, I bought them in the Arizona Adobe and have had them a little less than a year now and I have been happy with them since day one.

  23. Hey Nick

    I just wanted to drop a big thank you for what you do, it really helped me decide, since I do live in a country (Madagascar) where none of these boots you reviewed are offered in stores.
    So I had to buy online and a return is definitely not an option (shipping + import tax/duty cost more than the boots themselves). It was more like a gamble for me.

    I wanted to order Thursday’s (president) but unfortunately they do not ship to my country.
    So, instead I went with the Higgins Mill which is on sale right now so the price gap is not huge.
    The wheeling issues are present but did not have the famous loose grain frequently reported on various forums. Fits true to size as you described, and very comfy. Wore them today and no breaking in needed. All in all a happy purchase!!

    Still willing to buy Thursday’s though, once they ship here. Hopefully one day.

    • Hey really happy the site could be useful, and it’s so cool to have a guy from Madagascar on the site! Higgins Mill is a great boot, I’m sure Allen Edmonds loves the fact that their boot is being worn around Madagascar. It’s a great boot! Congrats on the purchase.

  24. Hi Nick,

    I know you reviewed these quite some time ago now, but I have come across you youtube channel over the last month or so and I have really enjoyed your point of view. The fact that you wear all of the boots prior to reviewing them in order to give an more accurate and honest take on each product is very much appreciated.

    I am strongly considering these Thursday Captain boots, but have one main concern that I didn’t see addressed. How stiff is the toe on these boots? I plan on using them as an alternative to motorcycle boots and want to know if the toe is likely to get crushed due to the shift pedal.

    Thank you for your feedback

    • Hey Danny, glad you like the site, man. The toe on the Captains isn’t like an extra layer of leather, I wouldn’t say it’s the best for protecting your toes. Maybe consider Iron Rangers for that.

      • Hi, I’ve recently found your blog and have since read nearly every post and seen every video! Love your stuff.

        I bought a pair of Captains based on your recommendation, and actually have found true to size seems better in my case, oddly enough.

        However, I am having a slight issue where my big toe rubs against the top of the toe box due to the slim profile. Have you ever had any experience with something like that? Is it possible to stretch that spot upwards?

        Thanks in advance!

        • ey Ian, glad you like the site! Grateful you’ve been clicking around. Yeah if you take them to a cobbler I don’t doubt they can stretch that out for you. Good luck!

  25. Just put my Captains back in the box for return, failed eyelet on the upper left side of the left boot, eyelet completely failed, fully separated, they’re on their way back to the company, sorely disappointed as this was valued recommendation from Paul Stuart in New York City. Not sure about the durability or quality control of these Captains, could have been a bad day at the factory, but I’m inclined to look elsewhere for boots.

  26. Hi Nick,
    I am just curious on what size boot I should go for exactly, the reason being I live down under and yes you guessed it I do wear RM Williams boots and my size is 8 1/2 H UK size which they deem is there wide width…your help would be greatly appreciated as I am very keen on getting a pair of Thursday Captain boots in brown. Cheers

  27. Hi Nick,
    Love your channel. Good to see an Aussie doing well in NYC. I am tall and I’m tossing up between the Thursday President and AE Higgins Mill boots. The heel on the President looks high and I want it as low as possible. Is the heel on the Higgins Mill lower? Should I be looking at any other alternatives? Cheers

    • Thanks Mark! The Higgins Mill heel is lower, yes. Silhouettes are similar too, though Parkhurst make boots pretty similar to Thursday with a lower heel you might want to check out. Beckett Simonon’s boots are also a good option, though a bit rounder in the toe.

  28. I wear Thursday Boots’ Presidents every day at work. They are the most comfortable footwear I own. After 2 years of almost constant wear I had them resoled by in Virginia. Great job, fast turn around and under $100! Definitely a happy consumer. Scott V. Stamford CT

  29. Hey Nick, thanks for the review. Would you say that the “Rugged and Resilient” colors can still dress up to business casual? I quite like the look + color combo of having both the Arizona Adobe and the Matte Black but want to make sure they would be appropriate with a dress shirt and khakis.

    • Hey Jones, for business casual yes, I think they work. They’re not shiny/chromey like Thursday’s Brown, Black, and Natural, but I think so long as you pick a boot that doesn’t have shiny nickel/silver looking eyelets, it can do fine with biz caszh.

  30. Hello , I just wanted to say I love my Thursday Tobacco Captain’s Boots. The sole of my boots are different than you have pictured, not a complaint just an observation. They feel good after only a few days wear, and they look very cool. I would recommend these to all.

  31. Hi Nick!

    I know it’s been a few years since you wrote up this review, but I wanted to say how much I appreciate how in depth it is. I’ve had my eye on the Thursday boots for a while after my poor off-brand combat boots finally gave up the ghost, and this review has answered a lot of the questions I had about the comfort, construction, and quality! Honestly your whole site has been a huge help as I’m narrowing down the options, nowhere else has been quite so thorough and approachable at the same time.

    There is one more thing I’m curious about, though. I work in retail, so I’m on my feet anywhere from 6-8 hours a day, and also do a decent amount of all weather city walking, including on slick cobblestone and hills. Would these shoes hold up for comfort and grip in those conditions, even if I wear them daily?

    • Lee, glad you find this website so useful! Their soles are pretty good in the rain but there are a few Captains with lug soles if you want to hedge your bets


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