Were Jeans Really Illegal in the Soviet Union? The Surprising History of Denim Smuggling Under the Iron Curtain

The unique history of the Soviet Union has been told before, but many people don’t realize the ways the Cold War impacted the fashion world — and how the fashion world impacted the Cold War. Usually when we look at images of life behind the Iron Curtain, we see a fashion sense that emphasizes uniformity. … Read more

Denim vs Chambray – Which Fits Your Needs?

You might be familiar with denim and chambray as a pair because for just about 150 years, denim pants and chambray work shirts have been a popular outfit choice for many working men. Denim and chambray have a number of important similarities, especially that they both come from cotton. They are both typically made by … Read more

The 10 Best Blazers For Warm Weather

While the long days of sweatpants and hoodies were nice for a minute, lately we’re looking for something else, something a bit more sartorially inspired. And if you’re as obsessed with style as I am, you might have noticed a definite rise in the amount of dapper gentlemen out rocking blazers. Why blazers though? The … Read more