Please Sir, I Want Some Moorby | Canada West Boots Review

The date was October 17, 2019, I was mindlessly scrolling through my instagram feed when I was stopped by a pair of boots I didn’t recognize.  A quick tap and lo and behold, a brand I had never heard of!  Usually I am excited to find a new brand, but this time I felt shame.  … Read more

The 6 Best Canadian Boot Brands for Men

As a Canadian boot-wearer, lusting over White’s, Nicks, Wesco, and other American bootmakers on Instagram is a dangerous and often costly endeavor. Even Indonesian boots come with added costs — after the exchange rate and the added $50-60 shipping costs, we are often subject to $50+ extra in duty charges no matter where the boot … Read more

Dayton Service Boot Review (and Discount Code!) – Fashionable, Yet Masculine

Dayton is a Canadian company founded in 1946 by Charlie Wohlford after he developed quite a reputation for repairing loggers’ boots, which led to pretty much anyone who had a tough, labor-intensive job coming to him to repair their boots, which ultimately led to Wohlford starting his own company. While they didn’t start Goodyear welting … Read more

Viberg Service Boot Review – Is It Seriously Worth $700?

Viberg is a Canadian company that was founded in 1931 by Edwin Viberg, and it remains family owned to this day. Like many older boot companies, they started out primarily making footwear for grimy labor and swashbuckling, primarily serving firefighters, lumberjacks, and farmers. In the 21st century they’ve expanded into some more fashion focused designs … Read more