Jim Green African Ranger Review | Punch a Poacher for $179

Whenever I sit down to review a product, be it boots, bags, or jackets, my general goal is to communicate not only how something is built, but also, how that object makes you feel. This is a core tenet of luxury goods: it’s not just about the ‘what they are’ or the ‘how they’re made,’ … Read more

How Tricker’s Makes Britain’s Best Boots (Factory Visit)

What does it take to make a boot that got a seal of approval from the Prince of Wales, now King Charles III, in the form of a royal warrant over 35 years ago? A royal warrant is a mark of recognition that a product is sufficiently high quality to outfit members of the British … Read more

How to Keep Your Leather Boots From Cracking and Drying Out

Leather boots aren’t just footwear: they’re faithful companions, protectors of your feet, and… they’re expensive. You want them to last. When you’re buying a pair of boots you want to keep for years, you might already know it’s good to get them with resoleable construction like a Goodyear welt. But the uppers matter as well. … Read more

Thursday Boots vs Beckett Simonon | Who Makes the Best Value Boots?

In the world of footwear, quality isn’t always determined by price alone. While the retail price can serve as a useful reference point, exclusively relying on it might cause you to overlook some really solid brands. Among the boot brands for under $250 that are generating significant buzz: Thursday Boot Company and Beckett Simonon. They … Read more

The Ultimate Guide: Are Duck Boots Good for Snow?

When winter arrives with its ice and snow, the right footwear becomes paramount for comfort and safety. Duck boots are a classic and popular option for battling springtime rain and mud, but can they hold up to cold, wet, and slippery conditions? We’ll slip on our duck boots and look into features, benefits, and limitations … Read more

CAT Threshold Work Boot Review | Why They’re So Inexpensive

If you’ve ever spent any time on a job site or working in a warehouse or shop setting you’ve undoubtedly seen, used or heard of CAT (Caterpillar Inc) heavy equipment. It might have been a forklift, backhoe, excavator, asphalt paver, and the list could go on, because they make pretty much anything you could need … Read more

Tannery Visit: How CF Stead Makes the World’s Best Suede

From the highest-end luxury shoes made in the UK and North America to the most widespread suede footwear on the market, like Clarks and their desert boot, there is zero question that Charles F. Stead makes some of the most highly regarded suede on the planet. There’s a lot you don’t know about suede. The … Read more

Thursday Cowboy Boots Review | The Desperado Rides In

I have always owned cowboy boots. When I heard that Thursday Boot Company was releasing a line of cowboy boots, I was excited, and thought that it only made sense. Thursday Boots are of impressive quality, are always made with an enormous respect for heritage, and have features and details usually found in much more … Read more

A Jobsite Test of the Timberland Pro Boondock Boot (Review)

Pretty much everyone knows who Timberland is because of their iconic  yellow nubuck boots which were popularized by the New York rap scene in the 1990s. But does Timberland actually make a good work boot? That’s exactly what we aim to find out in this review. We’ve taken the biggest, baddest and beefiest work boot … Read more

How Is Shell Cordovan Made? Horween Leather Company Explains

Shell cordovan is perhaps the most highly prized — and priced — material you can make a pair of shoes from. World renowned for its durability, luxurious appearance, unstoppable shine, and  resistance to wrinkling, it’s hard to make. Extremely hard. There are many reasons for this. It can only be made from horse, and horsehides … Read more