White’s Vs Viberg: The Service Boot Showdown

Whether you’re a history buff or you simply like an earth-toned wardrobe, a version of the military service boot is likely what comes to mind when you think “boot”. The term, “service boot” itself is used loosely to describe a particular style of boot commissioned by Allied forces for military personnel from World War 2 … Read more

How to Choose a Last for Your Viberg Service Boot

So you’ve decided to pull the trigger on a pair of Vibergs. If it’s your first foray into what Viberg has to offer, chances are good you’re eyeing up some Service Boots. You might even be looking at a specific makeup from a stockist that ticks all the aesthetic boxes for you. While your trigger … Read more

Are Vibergs Worth It? The Ultimate Guide to the $800 Service Boot

The name “Viberg” has become synonymous with expensive footwear, and the most commonly asked question is, are Vibergs worth it?  There are several factors to consider against price when determining the value-for-money: heritage/history, quality of materials, construction and finishing methods, quality control, etc. While the average Viberg buyer is likely adding to a pre-existing collection … Read more