4 Reasons It’s Fine to Cuff Your Jeans, Actually

When you run a YouTube channel about boots and jeans, you open yourself up to a lot of unsolicited opinions about how you dress. And while it’s usually insecure macho men demanding that nobody wear boots unless they work in manual trades, there’s one curious comment that crops up time and time again: stop cuffing … Read more

The Best Athletic Fit Button Down | A Teddy Stratford Review (and Discount Code)

I’ve bought at least half a dozen shirts from Teddy Stratford over the last 5 years, and I finally convinced them to give me a discount code — STRIDEWISE for 15% off — so I’d have an excuse to do a video on the only button-down shirts I wear. Whether or not you lift weights, … Read more

Nicks Urban Logger Review: My Heaviest Boots Ever

Is Nicks Urban Logger Boot the ultimate combination of work boot and city boot? The ideal footwear for, say, an urban environment and something you’d wear, say, logging? That’s the goal of this striking piece of art by the hallowed American institution of bootery, Nicks Handmade Boots. After more than four years of running a … Read more

Irish Setter Vs. Red Wing Boots: 6 Reasons to Pick One Over the Other

Irish Setter and Red Wing often get mentioned in the same sentence and there’s good reason: they’re the same company. Red Wing owns Irish Setter, both are boot companies, and fun fact: the Red Wing 875 — widely considered their most iconic boot and the one we’re comparing today — was created in the 1950s … Read more

Filson 48 Hour Tin Cloth Duffle Bag Review | Still Worth It?

I’m a huge fan of Filson’s bags. So much so that their Journeyman Backpack is my all-time favorite waxed canvas backpack. That same waxy material is what makes up the subject of today’s review: the 48 Hour Tin Cloth Duffle Bag. Filson, was founded way back in 1897 in Seattle as CC Filson’s Pioneer Alaska … Read more

Thursday President Boot Review in Tobacco | Rugged and Resilient for $199

Not only did I wear these boots while hosting the World’s Strongest Man, I even wore them to the tannery in Mexico, where the leather is made. After a ton of wear, it’s time to review Thursday Boot Company’s President boot. One of the first three boots the company offered when they were launched via … Read more

Are Reigning Champ Hoodies & Sweats Worth It? (Heavyweight vs Midweight)

Reigning Champ’s hoodies are probably the most talked about sweats you’ll see in the high-end fashion corners of the internet, like Grailed and Reddit’s r/malefashionadvice. These sweats, at well over a hundred dollars a piece, are considered by many as the greatest on Earth. When you want elevated basics — the best version of something … Read more

Whites 350 Cruiser Review | The Best Work-Casual Boot?

I’m finally reviewing one of my absolute favorite boots: the 350 Cruisers from White’s Boots. I’ve taken these boots up a volcano in Guatemala and, a little less awesomely all over Minnesota and New York as well. But to get as much information as possible on these boots, I’ve interviewed the CEO of White’s for … Read more

Video: How I Resoled (My) Red Wing Boots, A Step-By-Step Guide

A funny consequence of owning an unreasonably high number of leather boots is that, shockingly, I’ve never had a pair resoled.  They don’t get enough wear. Until now!  An enormous benefit of a Goodyear welted boot is the ability to resole them, vastly extending their lifespan, and even though the soles of my Red Wing … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Getting the Best Denim Fades | How to Wash, When to Wash, and the Truth About Soaking

When it comes to the world of nice denim, it might be the most common question that gets asked: how do I get great fades on my jeans? For many, this is the whole reason they spend a little extra to buy selvedge jeans: the sturdier, old fashioned kind that’s made on shuttle looms. This … Read more