The 10 Best Blazers For Warm Weather

While the long days of sweatpants and hoodies were nice for a minute, lately we’re looking for something else, something a bit more sartorially inspired. And if you’re as obsessed with style as I am, you might have noticed a definite rise in the amount of dapper gentlemen out rocking blazers.

Why blazers though? The blazer’s classic and clean cut look upgrades any outfit and is versatile for all sorts of needs: it’ll dress up any outfit with jeans, but it’s not so dressy that you have to pair it with wingtips.

Blazers are typically made of a heavier wool, but this article will guide you through some modern versions that you can comfortably wear in the spring and summer. As the temperature rises and more people step outside, let warm-weather blazers become your perfect lightweight layer.


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What’s a Blazer?

Although the origin story of blazer is heavily debated — did they originate from a rowing club? did the HMS Blazer throw them on to impress Queen Victoria? — we do know that blazers were born sometime in the mid-nineteenth century. Originally a hallmark of upper class British society and sporting events, the blazer grew to become a wildly popular part of any man’s formalwear. Look to any wedding, museum outing, or yacht club and you will notice blazers abound.

Given its popularity even today, the blazer is beginning to modernize and allow for newer iterations that bring style to a variety of settings and events. That being said, there are several key elements that make a blazer a blazer.

Historically, blazers come either as single-breasted, two-button jackets or double-breasted, six-button jackets. These jackets were made to be worn with mismatched pants, which gives you plenty of options for styling, and are made to fit somewhat comfortably, although not as loose as a sports coat.

One important update that this list will show plenty, is that although blazers initially were only made in navy blue out of worsted serge (a kind of twill), nowadays, fashion houses are designing blazers with a number of refined colors and fabrics.

All in all, a blazer carries with it a specific lineage in fashion history. It continues to be an essential part of men’s wardrobes and has the ability to class up almost any outfit. Between going to the office, or meeting friends for drinks, or dazzling on a first date, a blazer is always the right choice.

proof wool lightweight travel blazer
Image source: Proof Wool

What’s the deal with travel blazers?

Lately, you may have seen a surge in this new iteration, the travel blazer. It sounds a bit counterintuitive: what does travelling have to do with a piece of office or formalwear? But in this day and age, when people are jetting off to all sorts of adventures, it’s important to look good while moving around. That’s where the travel blazer comes in.

Typical blazers require a lot of upkeep and ideally are not exposed to the elements. Travel blazers, on the other hand, are designed to be just a bit stronger to hold up during travel and potential weather hazards. They are made to be wrinkle-resistant, machine washable, and more lightweight than a classic blazer. Some are even made to be water and stain resistant! Travel blazers are the new trend for when you want to look great right after disembarking the plane.

The Best Warm Weather Blazers List

This list was compiled with a number of things in mind. First, the blazers had to be bearable to wear on a warm, or even hot day. Because of that, many of these blazers use less common fabrics than the typical heavy wool associated with the jacket. Some of the fabrics that you will find here are lightweight cotton, linen, or polyester blends. For the blazers that use wool, it is often a lighter weight wool that will not build up a sweat in the warmer months.

Second, these blazers were considered with a variety of activities in mind. As the temperature rises, people are going to be spending more time outside and going from place to place. This list is designed to give you the great blazers for all sorts of occasions, and many of these can travel from place to place.

Lastly, your ideal blazer is determined by your specific needs and habits. Not all of these blazers will work as office wear, and not all of them are appropriate for a spring day at the park. If anything, I think that’s an argument in favor of investing in a few key blazers that you can pull out for different events. With a piece as timeless and crowd-pleasing as the blazer, there’s no such thing as too many.

Taylor Stitch's The Gibson blazer for warm weath
Image via @TaylorStitch on Instagram

Taylor Stitch The Gibson Jacket ($248)

Taylor Stitch’s dedication to durability has earned them many fans. This San Francisco-based brand clothing is attentive to quality stitching and is designed to only get better with age.

Taylor Stitch The Gibson Jacket Highlights

This Taylor Stitch Jacket is the epitome of unique style. Although not made with the traditional blazer fabrics, it’s 97% cotton, 3% spandex, this blazer is made with deadstock fabrics and other exclusive materials which ensures that you have a singular style piece. This jacket maintains a classic blazer cut no matter how you style it.

Additionally, it is made with durability in mind, so you can go anywhere and trust that your jacket will hold its shape. Part of this is because it gives an update to the traditional blazer look and feel by paying homage to traditional military style jackets. Initially designed as a jacket best suited for travel, I think you’ll find that this jacket works for almost any occasion.


Taylor Stitch Gibson Jacket Cuff
Image via Taylor Stitch  

Who should buy the Taylor Stitch The Gibson Jacket?

  • Men passionate about sustainability; using deadstock fabrics means that excess resources were not required to make this blazer.
  • Dapper dudes who pay attention to the 22-stitches per inch rule.
  • World travellers who want to blend in in museums and the bar scene.
  • Guys needing a lot of pockets to carry their various personal items- no briefcase necessary here!
  • People who value good customer service, in addition to quality clothing, Taylor Stitch prides themselves on quality client care.

Who shouldn’t buy the Taylor Stitch The Gibson Jacket?

  • Dudes wanting a statement piece — this blazer is made with an emphasis on blending in.
  • Men who run particularly hot, while this is a lighter weight jacket, it doesn’t offer as much temperature control as the other options on this list.

While Taylor Stitch refers to this as the Gibson Jacket, it meets many of the specifications of a blazer. With this piece, you know you’re getting a piece that you can carry with you for a long time to come.


Eddie Bauer Voyager 2 Travel Blazer

Eddie Bauer Voyager 2.0 Travel Blazer ($109.99)

Leave it to Eddie Bauer, the go-to for great outdoorsmen for a century, to come up with a blazer designed for the outdoors. Coming in a sleek slate color, this travel blazer blends into any occasion. It’s mesh lining and 94% polyester blend insures that this blazer won’t be damaged by some travel- in fact, it’s designed to be rolled right up into your travel bag.

Eddie Bauer Voyager 2.0 Travel Blazer Highlights

This blazer is truly ideal for travel or being on the go. It is designed with an athletic cut, meaning that it offers some stretch and looseness, making it ideal for adventure. In addition, it comes with a TripZip interior pocket so you can feel good knowing your phone and wallet are safe right next to you. Like the Proof Travel Blazer, this one also comes with storm repellent DWR coating, but in addition, Eddie Bauer’s design promises wrinkle resistance. You don’t have to go through any special precautions to keep this blazer looking good.

Who should buy Eddie Bauer Voyager 2.0 Travel Blazer?

  • Men who are on the go between projects and lunch meetings.
  • People living in wet climates that are prone to unexpected rain showers.
  • Dudes who move; this baby stretches.
  • Guys whose jobs require them to spend a lot of time outdoors.
  • Fashionable outdoorsmen.

Who shouldn’t buy Eddie Bauer Voyager 2.0 Travel Blazer?

  • Men who want a more traditional blazer material.
  • Anyone who doesn’t like the modern look of the pockets.
  • City slickers who want a more urban, refined look.

This jacket offers a lot in terms of durability and its ability to hold up through most activities. It does have a tendency to run a bit small, so it might be good to try this one on in the store.


proof lightweight blazer
Image via Huckberry


Proof Wool Lightweight Travel Blazer ($99)

From the company that specializes in technical fabrics and intelligent design comes a travel blazer that will hold up through all your on-the-go needs. This blazer gives you three dark tones to choose from, and you’ll look sharp no matter which you choose.

Proof Wool Lightweight Travel Blazer Highlights

Because this is a travel blazer, it’s designed to work for you, no matter where you go. The Proof Wool Lightweight Travel Blazer is proven to look sharp even fresh out of a suitcase or travel bag. It’s machine washable and features DWR coating- so it’s stain and water resistant too. The wool fabric makes this blazer durable, while the lightweight design promises that you won’t work up a sweat while wearing it.

proof wool lightweight travel blazer inside pocket
Image via Huckberry

Who should Buy Proof Wool Lightweight Travel Blazer?

  • Men who are rushing to a meeting right off the plane.
  • Guys who want a long-lasting blazer that doesn’t require special care.
  • Dudes who commute to the office.
  • Guys looking for a stretchy blazer that allows for extra comfort.
  • Gentlemen who want a blazer they don’t have to carry around; this one can go right in a bag!
  • Accident-prone guys who want to meet their friends for drinks without worrying about staining their clothes.

Who shouldn’t buy Proof Wool Lightweight Travel Blazer?

  • Men who want a tighter fit of their blazer.
  • Folks looking for a more structured blazer.
  • Guys who are thrown off by the unusual look of the material.

Overall, this blazer is designed with the modern lifestyle in mind, and could become your best friend for all types of travel and outdoor activities.


Image via SuitSupply

SuitSupply Teal Blue Havana Jacket ($499)

Founded out of a dorm room in the year 2000, SuitSupply is committed to being pioneers in the fashion industry. With this blazer, the Amsterdam-based suit purveyors create a flashy update on the classic blazer.

SuitSupply Teal Blue Havana Jacket Highlights

This blazer combines elegance with flashiness. Crafted with a unique blend of wool, silk, and linen, this SuitSupply blazer was woven by the famed Italian fabric mill, Vitale Barberis Canonico. These materials help the teal color pop, but that doesn’t mean this piece doesn’t work with a lot of styles. Wear these with khakis or black dress pants, and you get two fashion-forward looks.

Suit Supply Blue Havana Fabric Close Up
Image courtesy, SuitSupply

Who should buy SuitSupply Teal Blue Havana Jacket?

  • Men who want to stand out in a crowd.
  • Gentlemen wanting to commit to sustainability and ethical manufacturing; this jacket is carbon neutral and SuitSupply is focused on reducing waste.
  • Men looking to impress their dates with a boldness and fashion taste.
  • Dudes who are fans of Italian fabrics, and really, who isn’t?
  • People shopping with festive warm nights in mind.

Who shouldn’t buy SuitSupply Teal Blue Havana Jacket?

  • Men looking for a piece they can dress up or down; this one is pretty formal.
  • Guys who want a blazer they can wear year-round.
  • Dudes who work in a conservative office, while this is a nice blazer, the color and texture might raise some eyebrows.
Capalbio Linen Blazer
Image via Huckberry

Capalbio Linen Blazer ($227.98)

Trust this Italian brand to give us an ideal summer blazer. Inspired by a trip up to Tuscany and the company’s heritage, this blazer pays homage to Italian culture.

Capalbio Linen Blazer Highlights

While linen is not one of the original blazer fabrics, it has become a popular fabric especially for Italian designers. This is the only blazer on this list that is predominantly made of linen, and this fabric will definitely keep you cool. If you do happen to overheat while walking to your lunch meeting, the Capalbio Blazer comes with a utility strap on the inside for easy and stylish carrying. For even more styling options, this blazer has a removable interior lining, meaning that you can determine how structured or unstructured a look you want.

capalbio linen blazer fabric
Image via Huckberry

Who should buy the Capalbio Linen Blazer?

  • While anyone can wear what they want, this blazer is best for men with slim builds due to its trim fit.
  • Dudes who want to bring something grittier to their wardrobe: the contrasting buttons and unique pockets give this blazer an assertive look.
  • Gentlemen looking for something to give off a sense of beachside glamour.
  • Guys who want a durable piece — linen is one of the most durable natural fibers.

Who shouldn’t buy the Capalbio Linen Blazer?

  • Guys looking for slightly more movement in a blazer.
  • Dudes shopping for a black-tie occasion.
  • Men who want a sleeker look, the fabric and the pockets create a more utilitarian feel here.

This blazer is pretty nontraditional, but Italian-inspired coolness never goes out of style. I love the rugged versatility of this look.


brook brothers Regent Fit Two Button Stretch Blazer
Image via Brooks Brothers  

Brooks Brothers Regent Fit Two-Button Stretch Blazer ($498)

Founded in 1818, Brooks Brothers is the oldest American fashion house. During their 200-year tenure of influencing American style, they have never skimped on style or quality.

Brooks Brothers Regent Fit Two-Button Stretch Blazer Highlights

This piece upholds many of the traditional hallmarks that make a blazer a blazer. This blazer makes a statement with its loyalty to history and quality materials. Made with tropical-weight wool and woven by the Italian fabric company Marlane, this jacket is guaranteed to last you while also maintaining comfort during warmer days. This is one of the few blazers that adheres to the original properties of a blazer, while also working for summertime.

Brooks Brothers Regent Blazer
Image via Brooks Brother’s 

Who should buy the Brooks Brothers Regent Fit Two-Button Stretch Blazer?

  • Gentlemen who want to honor tradition, valuing classic and cool in equal measure.
  • Men looking for a durable blazer
  • American fashion loyalists; Brooks Brothers is renowned for their American lineage and elevation of American men’s fashion.
  • Men of all body types: the Regent Fit is Brooks Brothers’ most popular fit. It is fitted through the chest, body, and sleeves, but not cut too slim.

Who shouldn’t buy the Brooks Brothers Regent Fit Two-Button Stretch Blazer?

  • Guys who want something with more movement, as this is quite a structured piece
  • Dudes who need to get quickly from their office to their relaxed dinner with friends.

Brooks Brothers likes to honor their own history as well as the history of clothing in every item they produce. This blazer is a modern classic that recalls many of its earliest designs.


Everlane Casual Blazer
Image via Everlane  

Everlane Casual Blazer ($148)

Everlane was founded with the belief that customers deserve transparency in their pricing. That means that when you buy from this retailer, you can rest assured that every penny you spend is going towards a quality piece.

Everlane Casual Blazer Highlights

This is a modern take on a blazer that switches up the rules on structuring and materials, but that doesn’t make you look like a scrub. Available in Dusk Blue and Sand, these colors provide a summertime style edit in contrast to the traditional Navy and Black. Although it’s called ‘casual’ this blazer is really more of an in-between.

Made predominantly of Italian-sourced cotton and linen, this blazer is built to keep you cool while still adhering to some classic blazer fabrics. It’s unstructured design makes this blazer work for a variety of settings — the blazer is not just formal wear anymore! Even better, Everlane is committed to sustainability and ethical production in its factories. You can look dapper and have a clean conscience.

Everlane Casual Blazer Cuff
Image Courtesy; Casual Lane Website

Who should buy Everlane Casual Blazer?

  • Gentlemen passionate about environmental responsibility.
  • People wanting lighter, more summer-specific fabrics.
  • Men who want a blazer they can pair with a t-shirt for a Rolling Stones inspired look.
  • Guys who want a blazer without much upkeep– you can throw this one right in the washing machine!

Who shouldn’t buy Everlane Casual Blazer?

  • Anyone looking for more traditional colors and structuring.
  • Men with small body frames: this is a pretty loose blazer so it may make you look like you’re drowning in it.
  • Anyone shopping for a formal event.
  • Guys looking for a bit more durability in their blazer.

This blazer is definitely the most low-key on this list, but if it’s up your alley, go right ahead!


Coconut Tailored Fit Two-Button Blazer
Image via Orlebar Brown 

Orlebar Brown’s Edgar Blazer ($445)

Orlebar Brown was created to provide men with luxury swimwear, and since has expanded to any clothes that can be worn around the resort. While they are proud of their English heritage, Orlebar Brown prides themselves on drawing their inspiration from around the globe.

Orlebar Brown Edgar Blazer Highlights

With a summery color and lack of lining, this jacket updates the traditional blazer norms for a perfectly luxurious warm-weather look. Its lack of lining ensures that you will have plenty of mobility moving between the beach and drinks on the patio. And, once vacation is over, you can wear it into the office due to its ability to match with just about anything.

Edger Coconut Tailored Fit Two-Button Blazer Sleeve
Image via Orlebar Brown

Who should buy Orlebar Brown Edgar Coconut Tailored Fit Two-Button Blazer?

  • Anyone who wants their fashion to support a good cause: Orlebar Brown is pledging to be carbon-negative by the end of 2021.
  • Sharp-dressed men who still want to be prepared for an adventure.
  • Yacht Club members who are ready to look good all season.
  • Fans of the 60’s easy sophisticated style; much of Orlebar Brown’s lookbook is inspired by Slim Aaron’ iconic photographs.

Who shouldn’t buy Orlebar Brown Edgar Coconut Tailored Fit Two-Button Blazer?

  • People who need an easy to take care of blazer; this one is dry clean only.
  • Men wanting a blazer that honors tradition more. Here the buttons, which are made with Corozo, diverge quite a bit from the norm of gold or mother-of-pearl.

Orlebar Brown was founded by photographer Adam Brown, and this blazer will be perfect for those poolside candids.


Bonobos Unconstructed Italian Wool Blazer
Image via @bonobos on Instagram

Bonobos Unconstructed Italian Wool Blazer ($400)

Bonobos was founded by Stanford Business School students with the express purpose of providing men of all shapes with the perfect fitting clothes for them. With this in mind, although they are known primarily as an online retailer, they also offer brick and mortar Guideshops to help ensure your satisfaction with the fit.

Bonobos Unconstructed Italian Wool Blazer Highlights

Yes, I know it says “wool” right in the name, so you’re probably thinking “how is a wool blazer going to work in the warm weather?” Well I’ll tell you: Italian wool is made to be lighter than other wools, to suit the mostly warm Italian climate. That means that with this blazer you get a strong fabric that will keep you comfortable in the summer. Wool is also known for how well it insulates and breathes: it’ll keep you warm in winter, but also cool in summer. (Relatively speaking, anyway.) This blazer is also designed with options in mind: you can choose from a wide palette of color and determine exactly how you want it to fit.


Bonobos Unconstructed Italian Wool Blazer Close Up

Who should buy Bonobos Unconstructed Italian Wool Blazer?

  • For men who want to stick to a traditional color palette, this blazer gives you options without skimping on sophistication.
  • Men who tend to get a bit sweaty, the Bemberg lining on the sleeves will absorb extra moisture.
  • Anyone who wants to personalize their blazer a bit, this one lets you choose between three types of fits, and seven colors.

Who shouldn’t buy Bonobos Unconstructed Italian Wool Blazer?

  • Dudes who don’t want to feel restricted by a blazer: this one doesn’t have much stretch or space in the forearms.
  • Men looking for a more structured, formal blazer.
  • Gentlemen wanting to shop from a more legacy fashion house. Bonobos is now a subsidiary of Walmart, so if that sort of thing matters to you, there are better options on this list.

This Bonobos blazer prioritizes your comfort while offering just the right fit, both of which are perfect for a summertime blazer.


DRACENJ Seersucker blazer
Image source: Ted Baker’s Website

Ted Baker London Dracenj Seersucker Blazer ($395)

From the popular luxury fashion house comes a blazer seeped in British cool.

Ted Baker London Dracenj Seersucker Blazer Highlights

While most of the other blazers on this list favor the Italian unstructured style, this is a structured design that becomes appropriate for warm weather due to the seersucker fabric. Made from cotton, seersucker works wonderfully for the heat because of how thin it is. But Ted Baker London doesn’t just want to sell you a thin blazer, they want to give you a blazer that’s comfortable for summer that also holds up for formal events.

Ted Baker DRACENJ Seersucker blazer fabric
Image source: Ted Baker’s Website

Who should buy Ted Baker London Dracenj Seersucker Blazer?

  • Anyone who wants to update their closet with a unique fabric.
  • Men wanting to look fashion-forward at those outdoor summer weddings.
  • Dudes looking for a blazer that allows movement without sacrificing structure.
  • Guys interested in a breezy summer look.

Who shouldn’t buy Ted Baker London Dracenj Seersucker Blazer?

  • Guys who want to get more use out of their blazer; the extra-thin fabric here means that it’s really only appropriate for summer.
  • Men on the thinner side: this is an athletic fit, so it might hang off your body unflatteringly.

Ted Baker London is a go-to for quality British design. In addition to this seersucker blazer, they offer plenty of blazers to choose from for every season.


The Takeaway

A quality blazer is essential for any man’s wardrobe. I hope this list helped you find the blazer that will suit you for spring and summer, regardless of style or price range. These days a blazer doesn’t just have to serve as a warmer layer. With more and more lightweight blazers coming out, you now have plenty of great options for looking chic in the heat!

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