Women’s Dr Martens Review | The Sinclair Platform Boots

One of my many masochistic traits is an undying attraction to difficult people. Give me an emotionally unavailable, hard-to-please, uncompromising, kinda rude individual and I will dive in headfirst, determined to make them my best friend. I like a challenge, you see, and getting someone difficult to appreciate you is very satisfying. This is why … Read more

Dr. Martens vs Thursday Boots | Which Is Better for Your Feet?

It’s probably fair to say that the two most popular lace up boots for under $200 are Thursday Boot Company and Dr. Martens. These two brands are both incredibly similar and incredibly different. Both inspired by military footwear, have grippy rubber soles, and even have the same water resistant “Goodyear welt” construction — except the … Read more

Do Dr Martens Run Big? How to Size the Punk Rock Icon

What’s the story with Doc Martens and their sizing? This is the only guide you’ll need to figure out how Dr Martens sizing works. Do Dr Martens run big or small? Dr. Martens fit true to size for almost all of their shoes and classic boots — unless you’re looking at their most popular boot, … Read more

Dr. Martens vs Solovair – The Great British Boot Off

Ever since I published my first review on Dr. Martens 1460 boots, I’ve been asked to compare it to the shoe’s twin, Solovair. Why? For starters, the boots are practically  identical, but the two brands also share a very storied history. Solovair — whose name just comes from “Sole Of Air” — were the manufacturers … Read more

Red Wing vs Dr. Martens – Comparing Their Most Popular Boots

Even if you don’t know a ton about boots, you probably know two names: Dr. Martens, the classic punk boot of choice for young guys, and Red Wing, maker of pricier, Americana-style boots that are regularly worn by celebrities like Drake, Ryan Gosling, and Bradley Cooper.  Basically, Dr. Martens are among the most popular boots … Read more

The 11 Best Stylish White Boots for Men

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Doc Martens Review: Why The 1460s Are Overrated

Here’s a weird fact I hadn’t heard before I started researching these boots: the first Dr. Martens boot was designed by Dr. Klaus Märtens who was a doctor in the German Army in 1945.  You know, the army that was being run by the Nazi party at the time. He injured his ankle while skiing … Read more