The 11 Best Stylish White Boots for Men

For many, finding a pair of boots that work with their style is an easy task. A majority of guys just want a black or brown boot that can carry them through a rainy day. But for those of us who are tired of the classics, finding that perfect boot can be a bit of a quest. For example, brands have a million and one names for all the different shades of brown but will rarely stock their signature models in vibrant colors. I believe more brands should offer their signature styles in colors other than black or brown, so I went looking for the best white boots for men.

I think they are extremely versatile and go well with my “heritage but make it street” style. They are great alternatives to white sneakers when cold weather approaches.

Below are some of the options that you may like. In the first four options, you will find boots that are all white or white with a slightly different colored sole, then we’ll take a look at three off white boots. 

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1. Clarks Desert Boot 2 ($150)

First up is a fresh take on the classic Clarks Desert Boot — see my review of the original here.

Clarks Desert Boot 2 Highlights

One of the most inoffensive looking shoes ever, you really can’t go wrong with Clarks Deserts Boots, especially if you are trying to venture out into more colorful footwear.

This iconic chukka — that’s a shorter boot with two or three pairs of eyelets — has been around for over 70 years. Originally designed as a military boot, today this style serves as a wardrobe staple for new and seasoned fashion enthusiasts alike. This iteration is made from grained white leather stitched onto Clarks’ famously comfortable crepe sole

[Read more about crepe soles pros and cons]

white clarks desert boot

Who Should Buy The Clarks Desert Boot 2?

  • People who have a casual wardrobe. Many people make the mistake of purchasing these as a way to dress up but in reality, desert boots are as casual as your sneakers.
  • People who are on a tight budget. Sitting at $150 dollars, these are pretty darn inexpensive for leather boots, plus because of their versatility (you can wear them year round), they can save you from buying a new pair of footwear each season. 

Who Shouldn’t Buy The Clarks Desert Boot 2?

  • People who live in an environment that rains or snows a lot. The finished leather is water resistant enough, but enough rain or snow will penetrate through the seams and the sole doesn’t perform that well when grip is a priority.

[Shop the Clarks Desert Boot here.]

all white doc martens boot

2. Dr. Martens 1460 Mono 8-Eye Boot ($149.95)

New to boots and don’t know where to start? Then Docs may just be for you! 

Dr. Martens 1460 Mono 8-Eye Boot Highlights

With the 1460 Mono, Dr. Martens’ really demonstrated how they can give a funky shoe a sophisticated makeover. This pair of Docs is completely white, even down to the stitching and sole. It is the perfect transitional boot for people who enjoy white sneakers but want to try something new — while the 1460 certainly has a boot-like appearance, the signature bouncing soles will feel just like your favorite pair of kicks. 

Who Should Buy The Dr. Martens Boot?

  • People who do not enjoy the “breaking in” process of boots. Like I said above, these do not feel like traditional boots. The leather is relatively thin and isn’t uncomfortable out of the box. 
  • People who do a lot of walking in an urban setting. The “bouncing soles” on Docs have excellent shock absorption and are great on hard surfaces like concrete. 

Who Shouldn’t Buy The Dr. Martens Boot?

  • People who are looking for a boot to wear on date nights or on business casual meeting days. These Docs are minimalistic, however, they still have that clunky Doc Marten aesthetic that may clash with “more dressy” styles.
  • People who are looking to dress more mature. Doc Martens have maintained relevance in popular youth culture for decades. For older guys and gals who want to appear more their age, it might be best to avoid such youthful shoes. 

[Shop the Dr. Martens boot in all white hereor check it out with the original sole and stitching here.]

all white stacy adams madison boot

3. Stacy Adams Madison Cap-Toe Boot ($135)

One of the more refined boots on this list, this is a rugged classic with a fresh paint job. 

Stacy Adams Madison Cap-Toe Boot Highlights

Once one of America’s shoe giants, Stacy Adams has fallen off the boot nerd’s radar in recent years, but perhaps the latest rendition of their Madison boot could save their name. This all white cap toe boot is made from a very supple kidskin leather that molds quickly to your foot. Keeping up with tradition, it also has a full leather sole and unlike the first two boots on this list, the Madison is Goodyear welted, so it can be resoled. 

Who Should Buy The Stacy Adams Madison?

  • People who want a Goodyear welted shoe on a budget. Despite its $135 price tag, these are indeed Goodyear welted, which means you’re able to re-sole them for several seasons. 
  • People who already have an established collection of boots. These boots are cool, but they are not very versatile. If you already own boots in black or brown, then this would be a great compliment for days when you feel flashy. 

Who Shouldn’t Buy The Stacy Adams Madison?

  • People who are real sticklers about their leather. I will be frank: this particular kidskin is a little thin and will crease easily. The upside, though, is there’s no real break in.
  • It’s a cheap boot and won’t last as long as a pricier option.

[Shop the Stacy Adams Madison boot here.]

Benzein White Catcher Boots
via @benzeinshoes on Instagram

4. Benzein White Catcher Boot ($255)

If nothing on the market interests you, why not go full custom? Benzein Shoes offers just that. 

Benzein White Catcher Boot Highlights

Benzein is a shoe company in Indonesia that specializes in MTO services. They offer a wide range of styles, leathers, soles, as well as other customization features for you to choose from. Their boots are made with a stitchdown construction and are favored by many in the Instagram boot community.

These boots actually belong to me and they were made at my request; I asked them to source white leather for me for a pair of boots, and they did so with the highest quality white leather I’ve seen. They can do it for you, too! 

Who Should Buy Benzein’s Catcher Boot

  • People who enjoy custom services, such as having their initials monogrammed onto the boot, or choosing specific builds for their boots such as having a cuban heel or metal taps. 
  • Those who want pure white leather that’s better quality than Dr. Martens — it’s rare to find white leather of this standard.
  • Those who want a high quality boot for a relatively low cost. Many guys go to Instagram for custom boots because you can get handmade, full grain, resoleable boots for less. 

Who Shouldn’t Buy Benzein’s Catcher Boot

  • People who are impatient. These boots are custom made in Indonesia and that means you will have to wait weeks if not months before your shoe ships out.
  • Anyone who feels uncomfortable ordering through e-mail. Benzein’s website often crashes and you just have to talk to them directly to make your order; this makes some guys skittish. 

Ordering a pair of custom boots from Indonesia will take several months before they get to your doorstep, and their website is often broken. To order the shoes, you need to e-mail them ([email protected]) or DM them on Instagram.

grant stone ottawa boot ivory suede

5. Grant Stone Ottawa Boot ($348)

This company is making serious waves in the boot industry by making what many consider Alden quality shoes at Red Wing prices. (Meaning they’re worth a good $200 more than they charge.) They manage this by making their boots in the coastal town of Xiamen, China, but that doesn’t mean they’re low quality — Grant Stone boots are universally considered examples of excellent quality footwear. 

Grant Stone’s Ottawa Boot Highlights

Grant Stone makes a variety of footwear, but their signature offerings like the Ottawa boot and Diesel boot are what you might call “smart casual” or perhaps “business casual”: they go great with most varieties of button down and look terrific with a blazer or sports jacket. The Ottawa is one of the company’s first two boot patterns (the other was the plain toe Diesel), sporting a hand sewn moc toe design and a split toe. These are nothing like work boot moc toes you might be used to from Red Wing. Grant Stone also makes boots like that, but the Ottawa is sleek and refined, particularly with this luscious cream suede.

Who Should Buy Grant Stone’s Ottawa Boot?

  • Men looking for a refined boot that’s not overly dressy; something to work with a button down at the office or at the bar.
  • Guys who value craftsmanship; Grant Stone’s boots are a step above the other boots you’ll find at this price point, with many believing they rival Alden.

Who Shouldn’t Buy Grant Stone’s Ottawa Boot?

  • Folks who have a problem with boots being made in China.
  • Those who are after a more voluminous work boot.

[Shop Grant Stone’s Ottawa Boot here]

white alden indy boot, todd snyder x alden indy milkshake

6. Alden x Todd Snyder Indy Boot ($579)

Todd Snyder collabs are always fun to look forward to. The uppers of these Indy boots are made from a suede that seems to shift from a pure white to a creamy off white color depending on the light. 

Alden Indy Boot Highlights

The Indy Boot was made famous by Indiana Jones but Todd Snyder made this classic more stylish than ever. This refined take on an American icon is exactly what the heritage fashion world needed. It showed people that having a contemporary style doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice build quality. Fair warning though: if you want this model, you better act fast as this is a very limited release!

Who Should Buy The Alden Indy Boot

  • People who are fans of great American bootmaking. Alden is and will continue to be one of the most respected makers in the boot game. Their lasts are timeless and comfortable. 
  • People who are hard wearing their boots. The soles and heels on these Indys are extremely sturdy and will last years — plus you can resole them when the time comes. 

Who Shouldn’t Buy The Alden Indy  Boot

  • People who are on a tight budget. These are not cheap boots!
  • Those who don’t love the care required to keep unadorned suede clean.

[Shop the Alden x Todd Snyder Indy boot here.]

taft white dylan jodhpur boot

7. Taft Dylan Jodhpur Boot ($275)

Whenever you see something from Taft, you know you’re getting something different. This brand is known for its decorative take on old school styles. If you want an over the top white-ish boot, then this may be for you. 

Taft Dylan Boot Highlights

Taft’s Dylan Boots is made from Rough Mohawk suede sourced from the legendary CF Stead Tannery in England. The boot itself is very modern, meaning it is extremely minimalistic and has a slimming profile. If you consider yourself to be fashion-forward, then I cannot recommend these enough. 

Who Should Buy The Taft Dylan Boot

  • People who are looking for a statement piece in their wardrobe. I can safely say that there is not another boot like the Dylan. The textured off white suede makes this boot super unique and will definitely start conversations at social gatherings. 

Who Shouldn’t Buy The Taft Dylan Boot

  • People with wide feet. The consensus is that Dylan runs pretty narrow. If you feet are on the wider side, this boot may not be an ideal fit. 

[Shop the Taft Dylan boot here.]

white taft jaro boot

8. Taft Jaro Boot ($275)

We’ve established Taft makes out-of-the-ordinary boots, so it made sense to revisit another of their boots for this list — but it’s wholly unlike the Dylan.

Taft Jaro Boot Highlights

The last boot on the list stands out from the rest because it isn’t made from full grain leather, or suede, or roughout: it’s wool. Taft changed the game with their signature woolen Jack Boot and the Jaro boot nixed the leather counter and heel to produce an all white boot that looks cool as hell, making a statement while being relatively minimalist.

Who Should Buy the Taft Jaro Boot

  • Someone who wants a white boot that isn’t too garish.
  • Anyone who likes the slimmer, more modern look that Taft emphasizes — clompy work boots these aren’t.
  • Guys who relish the opportunity to say “Oh, it’s not leather.”

Who Shouldn’t Buy the Taft Jaro Boot

  • Guys who can’t stomach the thought of wearing non-leather boots.

[Shop the Taft Jaro boot here]

truman boot smoke rambler

9. Truman’s Smoke Rambler ($420)

It’s up to you whether this extremely light grey boot can count as “white,” but we’re confident the average passerby would call you “the guy in those awesome white boots.” 

Truman’s Smoke Rambler Boot Highlights

Truman is an all American boot company that makes their product in Oregon, and for my money they have the coolest leathers in the business.

Their line up changes a bit seasonally, but the leathers include shrunken bison, moose roughout, black kudu, and CF Stead’s Rambler leather, which we have an entire article about. In short: this is a shrunken, waxed suede that’s much more weather resistant than your standard suede.

Note that occasionally, Truman will sell a boot they call Desert Oasis, which is a creamy unwaxed suede that’s harder to take care of, but it’s a little whiter than Smoke Rambler. But the Smoke Rambler is easier to keep clean — important for white boots — and takes less work to maintain the color. It’s up to you which one you prefer, but in my experience, Smoke Rambler is more likely to be available in the store.

Of all the boots on this list, I completely subjectively believe Truman makes the coolest white boot, and I named the company as makers of the toughest entry on my list of the best boots you can buy.

truman boot company smoke rambler
The Smoke Rambler, courtesy of Truman superfan aerosurferlv

Who Should Buy the Truman Smoke Rambler

  • Someone who wants a white boot that isn’t too hard to keep clean.
  • Guys who want a tough-as-nails boot that happens to be white.
  • Dudes who prioritize made in America.

Who Shouldn’t Buy the Truman Smoke Rambler

  • Guys who want something a little dressier.
  • Penny pinchers who don’t love the idea of spending $420 on boots.

[Shop Truman’s Smoke Rambler here, or if they’re currently unavailable, check out their in-stock collection]

custom wickett craig x whites boots mp
The Custom Wickett Craig x Whites Boots, courtesy of Baker Shoes

10. Wickett & Craig X White’s Boots Custom MP Service Boot ($689.95)

These are some fantastic boots. They were exclusively released for the 2020 holiday season, but are still for sale. 

Wickett & Craig X White’s Boots Custom MP Service Boot Highlights

First off, they are very customizable. You can build them with the exclusive Latigo or Natural Veg Tan Leathers. The Latigo leather is the white(ish) tan leather. There’s not a whole lot of information about the leather on their website, and Latigo leather can refer to a pretty wide range of leather finishes. Wicket-Craig has an oiled latigo on their website, but not in the tannish white color. Still, it’s full grain and 6.5-7.5oz.

These are built on a Barrie Shoe Dress last which works very well with the light colored leather. You get a nice refined look that would work in a business casual setting, a date, or a night out at a decent restaurant or pleasant bar, especially with the Danite and sole. But, even the half commando isn’t too rugged looking. Some people recommend sizing down a half size or whole size for the Barrie last as may fit slightly wide for those with narrower feet.

They are pretty expensive $689.95, so that’s probably the real downside here. 

Who Should Buy the Wickett & Craig X White’s Boots Custom MP Service Boot

  • Guys that want a unique boot in an exclusive leather.
  • Someone who wants a business casual boot in a color other than brown or black.
  • You also love to customize your boots just to make extra certain it’s unlikely you’ll ever see someone wearing the exact pair.
  • Above all, guys who want a vegetable tanned leather boot; they’re extraordinarily rare. 
  • Folks who value American made boots with American made leather.

Who Shouldn’t Buy the Wickett & Craig X White’s Boots Custom MP Service Boot

  • A budget minded guy, who’s not looking to spend 700 bucks on boots that, let’s be honest, will only be worn when you might need a slightly dressy, light colored boot. 
  • Guys who want a pure white boot; this is more of a cream color and more importantly, it’ll darken with time.

[Shop the Wickett & Craig x White’s boot here]

Viberg Service Boot Nomad Bokhara
Viberg Service Boot Nomad Bokhara, courtesy of Viberg

11. Viberg’s Service Boot in Nomad Bokhara ($670.00)

So it’s rare that you get to write, “if you want to save a few bucks, check out Viberg.” But you can save about $20 bucks and pick up a pair of Viberg’s famous service boots in this cool Bokhara leather.

Viberg’s Service Boot in Nomad Bokhara Highlights

Starting with the construction, you get Viberg’s 2030 Last, which is sleek and refined looking. They are made with stitchdown construction, so they are slightly more waterproof than a welted build. And of course, we’re talking about Viberg here so you get amazing antelope leather from CF Stead, who describe the leather as having a unique soft ‘spongy’ texture and low density. The leather has a great character to it with nice pebbling and visible pores. 

Who Should Buy Viberg’s Service Boot in Nomad Bokhara 

  • Purists; refined men who appreciate the extraordinary skill and labor it takes to make a Viberg boot. Many consider this the world’s best casual boot.
  • Guys who want an unusual leather like the CF Stead’s Bokhara Antelope.

Who Shouldn’t Buy Viberg’s Service Boot in Nomad Bokhara

  • Folks who can’t justify the $670 price tag.
  • Someone who wants a boot with a uniform appearance; antelope leather tends to carry scars and scrapes from the animal’s life.

When I did my first review of the Viberg Service Boot, the boot only came in E widths. It’s now available in D, E, and EE, but the default width is E — make sure you click on “D” before hitting purchase if you don’t want wide fitting boots!

[Shop the Viberg Service Boot in Nomad Bokhara here]

Wrapping Up

It should be easier finding boots that you like. I think the frustration for myself and many others stems from the fact that there is not enough variety in the heritage fashion scene. Everything is black or brown.  If more brands started making boots in other colors, such as white, then they could potentially attract a new group of customers. Here, I think I’ve done a good job of showing just how wearable white boots can be.

Featured image via Stacy Madison and Zappos

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