Thursday Cowboy Boots Review | The Desperado Rides In

I have always owned cowboy boots. When I heard that Thursday Boot Company was releasing a line of cowboy boots, I was excited, and thought that it only made sense. Thursday Boots are of impressive quality, are always made with an enormous respect for heritage, and have features and details usually found in much more … Read more

Review: The Classic 8” LL Bean Men’s Bean Boot Is Misunderstood

It would be easy to call the Classic 8” LL Bean Men’s Bean Boot “iconic,” and accurate as well, but the Bean Boot does something more. It transcends this categorization to “symbolic.” It is symbolic of Autumn in New England, of thick wool sweaters over flannel shirts draped over jeans. It is symbolic of an … Read more

Golden Fox Boondocker Boot Review | The Most Underpriced Boot

I knew that some brands continued to make military spec WWII-era Boondocker boots and I have always been curious about them, but part of the charm of Boondockers was that they were affordable. In the 70s they came from the local Army & Navy surplus stores where I spent many a Saturday afternoon. The modern … Read more

Montblanc Meisterstück 149 Pen Review | A Transcendent Experience

Objectophilia is when you form a romantic attachment to an inanimate object. But then, people fall in love with things all the time. With their cars, their boats, their homes, but is it possible to fall in love with a pen? After owning the Montblanc 149 for more than a decade, I can say: it … Read more

Benu Brown Orchid Pen Review | Like Writing With a Magic Wand

The Benu Brown Orchid fountain pen is perhaps the most over-the-top fountain pen I own. It is amazing that it is at a reasonable price point, $132 USD. Sure, there are some crazy fountain pens studded with diamonds and in the shape of panthers that cost thousands, but most fountain pens under $1,000 are sensible, … Read more

How to Buy Your First Fountain Pen | A Step-By-Step Guide to the Best Brands

There is no item of style as overlooked as a man’s writing instrument, and perhaps none that make as much impact when it is impressive. A nice pen is an exclamation point on your image, making itself known at pivotal moments: signing a mortgage, leaving a love note for your partner, picking up the check. … Read more

The $6 Jinhao X159 Fountain Pen Review | Better than Montblanc?

Jinhao’ s profile has been rising in the fountain pen community for many years. After initial condescension over their low price points; the exuberance of their designs and value propositions have won many people over. When many fountain pens cost $500 or more, it’s easy to lose sight that even $10 for a pen is … Read more

Chisos Boot Review | One Month In the Most Comfortable Cowboy Boots

If you love your work boots and all things Americana, then it’s more than likely you’ve looked on in simmering admiration of those who can pull off a great pair of cowboy boots. Cowboy boots evoke images of working in a vast unspoiled wilderness, of self-reliance, of the smell of campfire, and tangible deeds in … Read more

Baracuta G-9 Jacket Review: The Lightweight Look That Works On Anyone

Perhaps no other jacket has the coolness and versatility of the Harrington Jacket and especially the Baracuta G-9, since it is the original version. I say this because nearly every icon of cool has been photographed wearing one. Think of Steve McQueen in his navy blue, collar popped, ready for anything. He thought it was … Read more