How to Buy Your First Fountain Pen | A Step-By-Step Guide to the Best Brands

There is no item of style as overlooked as a man’s writing instrument, and perhaps none that make as much impact when it is impressive. A nice pen is an exclamation point on your image, making itself known at pivotal moments: signing a mortgage, leaving a love note for your partner, picking up the check. … Read more

Chisos Boot Review | One Month In the Most Comfortable Cowboy Boots

If you love your work boots and all things Americana, then it’s more than likely you’ve looked on in simmering admiration of those who can pull off a great pair of cowboy boots. Cowboy boots evoke images of working in a vast unspoiled wilderness, of self-reliance, of the smell of campfire, and tangible deeds in … Read more

Baracuta G-9 Jacket Review: The Lightweight Look That Works On Anyone

Perhaps no other jacket has the coolness and versatility of the Harrington Jacket and especially the Baracuta G-9, since it is the original version. I say this because nearly every icon of cool has been photographed wearing one. Think of Steve McQueen in his navy blue, collar popped, ready for anything. He thought it was … Read more

Stetson Stratoliner Review | The Most Iconic American Fedora

Now that you have committed to wearing a hat, I am not going to mention that you are in good company, from Bogart to Depp, hats have been a symbol of rakish individualism. I am not going to mention this because you are doing this for yourself and are not emulating any icon. Besides, copying … Read more

My Father-In-Law’s Bag, Reincarnated | Linden Leather Company’s Leather Messenger Bag Review

My father-in-law was a no nonsense bloke born in London just after WWII. He worked his entire career for one of the last British tanneries, traveling the world selling leather to luxury brands. He preferred unstuffy people and durable things. He could have had any bag he wanted, but he carried a bag like this. … Read more

Stetson Open Road Hat Review | The Western Hat Anyone Can Pull Off

If you’re interested in clothes, and chances are that you are, then at some point you’ve asked yourself that eternal question: Can I pull off a hat? You feel like a brimmed hat could be cool,l but you don’t want to look like you’re playing dress up as a cowboy or a 1930s gangster. If … Read more

The 10-Year Barbour Bedale Waxed Jacket: Is It Worth It?

Sometime in early September it happens. It’s usually one of those darker mornings or after a rainstorm: there is a feeling in the air, a slight bite, that reminds us that autumn is only a few weeks away.  It’s time to switch wardrobes, and the correct jacket is essential. You want to nail your look. … Read more

Filson’s Lined Packer Coat May Be the Most Epic Wool Coat on Earth

The Filson Lined Wool Packer Coat is one of the boldest statements in rugged wear today. When you first put it on, it seems to wear you. Then you go through a break-in period when you and this coat compete for dominance, over who will be noticed first. Then, you get comfortable with it; its … Read more

My Experience With Aquaman’s Jeans

Anyone who watched 2018’s “Aquaman” probably noticed Jason Momoa’s jeans, and if you are a fan of fine denim, then maybe you Googled where they came from: Schaeffer’s Garment Hotel on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. Where else? If their $425 price didn’t scare you away, then maybe you even bought a pair. This is where … Read more