Tom Sachs Nikecraft General Purpose Shoe Review | The Boot Guy’s Favorite Sneaker

If I told you what I was wearing was meant to be a boring tool, used and abused, and resoleable — you would assume I’m wearing a boot, right? But a Nike sneaker? Nope! Not in a million years. But that’s the ethos behind the General Purpose Shoe (GPS) by Nikecraft and Tom Sachs. From … Read more

Rancourt Eastport Penny Loafer Review | Why Hand Sewn Mocs Matter

Versatility is always something I look for in my footwear. It’s fun to have unique pieces, but with costs rising it can be tough to justify $300 to $400 for footwear you will only wear once or twice a year. But a good pair of loafers are incredibly versatile. You can wear them with a … Read more

Clarks Bushacre 3 Review: The Leveled Up Desert Boot

With so much choice out there, you should really love the clothes you wear. Clark’s Bushacre 3 is a chukka that’s a leveled up version of Clarks better known Desert Boot: a thicker outsole and shock absorbing insole make for an experience that’s both more sturdy and comfortable. They are undoubtedly comfy at first, owing … Read more

What’s Cork Nitrile and Why Is It a Great Shoe Sole?

Far from the sexiest boot topics covered on this site (fire-treated leather comes to mind), boots soles are overlooked by many. There isn’t much point in having 500 Horsepower if the tires on your car don’t transfer the power to the road. Slippin’ and slidin’ all over the place doesn’t make for a safe ride, … Read more

What Is Vegan Leather? | Cactus, Mushroom, Pineapple, and Plastic

Vegan leather is just a fancy term used to market plastic, right? Cheap shoes being sold to hippies? Let’s find out.   Veganism is no joke. It’s a lifestyle choice that extends beyond diet and into makeup, habits, and yes, clothing. Does vegan leather live up to the ideals and beliefs inherent in the name? Or … Read more

Benzein Engineer Boot Review: “The Keepers” Are Keepers

Engineer boots are having a moment in the sun. Anyone who’s anyone in the boot world is rocking these throwbacks from the civil war. 11 inch shafts, high heel stack with a woodsman heel, buckle on the vamp and collar and shit-ton of attitude. Where to begin? Or rather, where did I begin? It’s April … Read more

Filson Tin Cloth Cruiser Review After One Year of Wear

Filson is perhaps one of the best known, and most controversial heritage clothing companies in the US. Touting themselves as the Alaskan outfitter with made in the USA products, their products have been increasing in price while production has moved overseas. For now, though, the Tin Cloth Cruiser is made in the USA, with the … Read more

Filson’s Tin Cloth Packer Hat Review

Filson’s Tin Cloth is a 14-15oz duck canvas hat that is pumped full of oils and liquified paraffin wax. The result is an abrasion and water-resistant fabric that will patina nicely as you wear it. Named for its toughness, Tin Cloth has been a staple in outerwear and workwear for decades. The Packer hat is … Read more

The 6 Best Canadian Boot Brands for Men

As a Canadian boot-wearer, lusting over White’s, Nicks, Wesco, and other American bootmakers on Instagram is a dangerous and often costly endeavor. Even Indonesian boots come with added costs — after the exchange rate and the added $50-60 shipping costs, we are often subject to $50+ extra in duty charges no matter where the boot … Read more

Are Red Wings Worth It? What You Should Know Before Pulling the Trigger

The short answer, of course, is “Yes.” Well, maybe. But mostly “Yes.” Red Wing is the most iconic boot brand in the heritage sphere. So how did they get there? Is the price worth it for the quality? Or are you simply paying for the name on the box. Read on and we will walk … Read more