Thursday’s Women’s Leather Jacket Review | The Best Value?

There’s a lot to consider when buying a leather jacket. High quality leather, of course; dependable hardware; great craftsmanship; a comfy inner lining; timeless design; not too many seams (especially along the middle of the chest) and most importantly: Does it look cool? As someone perpetually on the hunt for all the above, I was … Read more

Ariat Women’s Wexford Boot Review | Waterproof Yet Stylish

When you’re looking for an all-around boot that’s timeless, comfortable, and goes with pretty much everything, it’s hard to beat a Chelsea. The elastic-sided style is said to have been invented by Queen Victoria’s shoemaker back in 1837, and became all the rage in England by the mid-1800s. I love this style of boot because … Read more

Tecovas Annie Boot Review | A Perfect Blend of Classic and Audacious

White cowboy boots are a statement piece. They’re giving Dolly Parton. They’re giving Reba McIntyre. They’re giving Vegas in the ‘80s. They’re totally impractical for doing whatever you’re actually supposed to do in cowboy boots (ride cows? Jk I dunno), but they look very cool and completely alter the vibe of any outfit. You have … Read more

Women’s Dr Martens Review | The Sinclair Platform Boots

One of my many masochistic traits is an undying attraction to difficult people. Give me an emotionally unavailable, hard-to-please, uncompromising, kinda rude individual and I will dive in headfirst, determined to make them my best friend. I like a challenge, you see, and getting someone difficult to appreciate you is very satisfying. This is why … Read more

Thursday Knockout Boots Review | The Chelseas With Attitude

As a 5’8” woman, I used to be queen of the flat shoe. Residual insecurities from middle school when I was taller than all the boys, I guess. But recently, a combined realization that: flat shoes are awful for your knees, and being a tall lady is actually cool and hot and powerful have changed … Read more

Thursday Rodeo Boot Review | The Cowgirl Boot With Sneaker Comfort

I was born in Texas, which automatically makes me an expert on cowboy boots. However *begins speaking in a whisper* I haven’t actually owned a pair of cowboy boots since the plastic heel fell off the pair I bought at Payless for some embarrassing fraternity event back in college. This is, perhaps, because I moved … Read more

Thursday Boot Company’s Combat Boot Review | Better Than Dr. Martens?

I love a combat boot. Not because I am into war culture; I am, in fact, a pacifist and fell asleep so early into a viewing of Dunkirk that I didn’t know until last week that Harry Styles was in it (don’t @ me). I love a combat boot because it makes me appear tough, … Read more

Thursday Boot Company Reign Review | Why It’s My Most Worn Boot

When it comes to boots, I’ve long been a fashion-over-function gal. This has led to an unfortunate tendency to buy cheapies that look cool but fall apart after a season or two. And though I’d heard good things about the Thursday brand, my assumption was that all they sold were brown leather boots with laces, … Read more