How to Distress Leather Boots | 5 Ways to Get The Worn In Look Fast

Leather boots are a classic and stylish choice for any wardrobe, but sometimes a brand-new pair can look too polished and perfect. If you want to give your boots a more lived-in, distressed look — which is often more coveted than the out-of-the-box look — there are a few simple techniques you can use at … Read more

How To Clean And Condition a Leather Jacket, According to the Experts

Leather jackets are timelessly stylish and can last for decades, but they require proper care and maintenance to keep them looking their best. Like your own skin, leather needs to be hydrated and cleaned on a regular basis in order to maximize its beauty and longevity — but fortunately, not as often as your face. … Read more

How You Know Your Boots Are Too Big (And 4 Tips to Fix ‘Em)

When it comes to shoes, fit is everything. Shoes that are too big can cause a variety of problems, from blisters and foot pain to tripping and falling. On the other hand, shoes that are too small can be equally uncomfortable and can even lead to long-term foot problems. So how can you tell if … Read more