Why Wonder Looper Made (Probably) The World’s Heaviest Hoodie and Tee

There’s always a subset of guys who want the superlative: the fastest car, the most expensive watch, the thickest jeans. That’s why we were intrigued when we heard about the new brand Wonder Looper, a Japan-based company that modified rare, top-secret machinery to produce what they are just about positive is the world’s heaviest hoodie. 

At 21 ounces per square yard, or 701 grams per square meter, it’s about twice as thick as your average heavyweight hoodie and more than 60 percent thicker heavier than industry-leading heavy hoodie American Giant

And their Double Heavyweight T-Shirts? They’re 12.1 ounces per square meter; again, twice as thick as what most brands call heavyweight. 

We had to know more — and to try them on, of course. So we sat down in New York City with Bahzad Trinos, Wonder Looper’s co-founder and the sales director of Naked and Famous, to find out more.

“It actually started off as a side project of (my wife) Risa,” says Bahzad. “During the pandemic, Risa picked up a vintage Japanese Treasure chain stitching machine, and that’s when our creative brains just went nuts. What kind of shirt do we want to make if we’re going to make a shirt? So we just had to go all the way. That’s how we came up with the double heavyweight t-shirt.”

Join us as we embark on this journey to discover what goes into making the thickest and heaviest garments in the world.

Is a Heavy T-Shirt Comfortable?

This t-shirt is 12 ounces per square yard. That’s thicker than an average pair of Levi’s jeans,” says Bahzad. “We call it a double heavyweight T-shirt because it’s twice the weight of a typical heavyweight t-shirt and you can feel it for yourself. It’s a thick boi.”

When we think of comfort, a superheavyweight T-shirt may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but how comforting is a nice, thick sweater? It’s a different kind of comfort but comfort all the same.

Effectively, the t-shirt feels like a short-sleeve sweater, providing warmth and a cozy feeling that’s perfect for colder weather. A lot of jackets, you already know, look better when unbuttoned or unzipped. That usually makes your chest colder, though — not so with this shirt, which is the perfect tee to wear under a jacket.

This is a t-shirt that doesn’t feel like underwear,” says Bahzad. “It’s thick, it’s very substantial. You can wear it on its own. A regular T- shirt just kind of sticks to your body and shows off the parts you might not want to show so much. But this T-shirt (is so thick) it hides what you want to hide and shows what you want to show.” 

The thickness and weight of the fabric provide substantial coverage and absolutely zero transparency (read: no nipples), making it possible to wear the T-shirt on its own, even if you size down. 

While it may not be ideal for hot weather, the t-shirt really is ideal for layering in colder temperatures, providing warmth that is unmatched by other tees. You might even find that a tee this thick lets you wear a lighter weight jacket you normally couldn’t on colder days.

wonder looper tshirt
Bahzad in a medium. He’s 165 pounds and 5’8″.

Sizing Wonder Looper’s Tees

  • Order your usual t-shirt size
  • Fit is classic, not slim

The brand is based in Japan, so it’s natural to wonder whether the sizing might be different from what you’re used to (Japanese garments really do tend to be smaller), but the brand is more “Western” when it comes to sizing.

We are based in Japan, everything’s made in Japan, (but) we are more Western centric in terms of sizing,” says Bahzad. “I’m about 165 pounds, 5 foot 8, and I always wear medium. Practically everything I wear is medium in this.”

wonder looper sizing shirt

In other words, your usual size should work just fine. The fit is fairly traditional as well: it’s not short, but it’s not fitted either. This is more forgiving on more body types than a lot of the more “modern” slim fits on the market. 

Since the fabric used for the t-shirt is thick and substantial, it won’t have the same amount of stretch as a regular t-shirt. With that in mind, it might be best to size up if you’re unsure or if you’re between sizes. As always, it’s a good idea to check the brand’s specific sizing chart (above) to get a better idea of which size will work best for you.

wonder looper shirt sizing
Nick, 6′ and 190 pounds, squeezed into a Medium. It looks fine but is actually too tight, a testament to the way the thick fabric keeps your nips or contours from coming through the fabric.

How Do You Make the World’s Thickest T-Shirt?

The process for making the shirt is not as straightforward as one might think.

The machine used to produce the fabric for the t-shirt is not a typical one; it’s a machine designed to create heavier fabrics, modified to produce a t-shirt weight fabric. This process involves carefully calibrating the machine to ensure that the fabric is thick enough to meet the desired weight specifications, but not so thick that it becomes unwearable or uncomfortable. This creates a t-shirt that is twice as heavy as a typical heavyweight t-shirt and gives it a unique texture and weight.

(That’s as much information as we’re getting out of Bahzad, who wants to keep the exact process unknown to his enemies.)

The final product is a tee that is both durable and comfortable, thanks to the 100-percent-cotton fabric and skilled craftsmanship used in its production. The thickness provides both warmth and protection, making it ideal for cooler weather or for outdoor activities. 

While the process of creating the world’s heaviest t-shirt may be challenging, the end result is a truly unique and impressive piece of clothing that has already gained a devoted following.

wonder looper hoodie
Nick, at 6′ and 190lb, is normally a L. That’s why this M looks a bit small. Bahzad only had Mediums to try on.

The World’s Heaviest Hoodie

The double-heavyweight French Terry hoodie is like wearing two sweatshirts at the same time. The hoodie is just under 21 ounces per square yard, which is similar to the weight of a super heavyweight pair of jeans. You feel like you can hike the Yukon in this.

This is a 701 GSM. We call it the double heavyweight French Terry,” says Bahzad. “It is like wearing two sweatshirts at the same time. A typical heavyweight sweatshirt is around 300 to 350 GSM. I’ve even seen 500 GSM sweatshirts, those are beasts. This is 701 GSM, or just under 21 oz per square yard. This thing is like wearing a nice, cozy blanket.”

wonder looper hoodie sizing
You can order your usual size.

Sizing Wonder Looper’s Hoodie

  • Order your usual size

Since the fabric is so thick and dense, you’ll want to make sure you get the right size to ensure a comfortable fit. The good news is that the sizing for this hoodie is fairly standard, so you can order your usual size with confidence.

wonder looper hoodie sizing
Bahzad in a Medium, 165lb and 5’8″

Made For Winter Days

You wanna go camping? You wanna go hiking? You can do it. You wanna wear it while you ride your motorcycle, go ahead,” says Bahzad.

This is a thick jacket, just in the form of a hoodie. It’s more flexible and cozy than a jacket, but it won’t give the same way as a regular hoodie you’re used to, particularly as it’s 100 percent cotton without any spandex or elastane.  

You might want to avoid wearing this hoodie during intense exercise or physical activity. While it’s certainly durable and tough, it’s not meant to be a workout shirt. But for everyday wear it’s a fantastic option, especially during the colder months when you want to stay warm and cozy.

If you’re looking for a hoodie that’s truly extra, the World’s Heaviest Hoodie might just be the perfect fit for you.

How To Wash Heavyweight Tees And Hoodies

Because there’s no polyester, note that cotton this thick will take a long time to dry.

We recommend when you wash this, you use cold water, wash inside out, and hang dry,” says Bahzad. “Obviously, 100 percent cotton products you can put in the dryer. They just tend to shrink a little bit.”

To limit that, he suggests getting the shirt or hoodie when a little bit damp and not completely dry and then wear it to stretch it back out. You’ll get that length back. 

worlds heaviest hoodie

Next Up: The World’s Heaviest Sweatpants?

They’re thinking about it. 

“We want to always create fun and interesting fabrics, we want to push different things in the knitwear world, things people haven’t seen before,” says Bahzad. “There’s a lot of basics out there. We don’t want to do basics.”

The worry with sweatpants made from this fabric is that they’ll be so heavy they’ll constantly fall off your butt. Right now, that’s Bahzad’s problem to solve.

“The 701 GSM sweatpants will happen if they’re practical to wear.”

Maybe we’ll see the first sweatpants you wear with a belt.  For now, Wonder Looper sells hoodies, tees, and organic sweatshirts in six sizes.

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