The 7 Best Loafers For Men in 2023 | Dressy, Chunky, Horsebit, and More

Loafers have gained a lot of buzz lately in the world of men’s styling. This could be the product of aging millennials ditching their sneakers for a more grown-up look, but it could also be that men are finally learning that loafers are timeless, comfortable, and stylish. These laceless shoes are known for their comfort … Read more

Rancourt Eastport Penny Loafer Review | Why Hand Sewn Mocs Matter

Versatility is always something I look for in my footwear. It’s fun to have unique pieces, but with costs rising it can be tough to justify $300 to $400 for footwear you will only wear once or twice a year. But a good pair of loafers are incredibly versatile. You can wear them with a … Read more

Minnetonka P.W. Driving Moccasin Review: Worth the Price?

Started in 1946, Minnetonka is a family owned footwear company based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota and currently operated by CEO, David Miller, the grandson of co-founder Philip W. Miller. The Midwestern shoe company has made the moccasin the cornerstone of their business, with a myriad of styles and variations available, ranging from pieces with traditional … Read more

Anthony Veer Kennedy Tassel Loafer: A Welcome Convergence of Style, Quality, and Price

From meal options to gadgets to shoes, people appreciate versatility. It saves us time, money, and grey hair. A seemingly-common stumbling area for many men is footwear: few types of shoes offer the versatility and flexibility of fitting in well in the office, at a choir concert, a restaurant, a neighborhood cookout, and even the … Read more