10 Instagram Accounts You Should Follow If You Love Boots or Denim

Starting a separate Instagram account dedicated to my clothes has been a humbling experience.

Prior to this, I didn’t think anyone was as obsessed with exquisite jeans and boots as I am. I saw myself as a Froot Loop in a bag of Cheerios. It also did not help that in my daily life, I did not know anyone who was into raw denim or welted shoes. Many of my own friends were into sneakers and streetwear culture. So to come on Instagram and see an ocean full of blue blooded denim dudes and dudettes has been eye opening to say the least.

Below are the top men’s fashion accounts that I think everyone into heritage wear should follow. I specifically chose these users because I feel that they are bringing something different to the table. Aside from wearing cool stuff, they are people who I find inspiring and admirable. I avoided brands and company accounts on this list because I wanted to give exposure to other people who you may not have known about.


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1. UpstateGuyStyle

UpstateGuyStyle, otherwise known as Albert, rings in at number one for me. Scrolling down at his feed, you can tell that Albert has mastered the rugged aesthetic. From moc toe boots, to indigo dyed jackets, Albert shows us how you can dress for rural upstate NY without losing that uptown style. What Makes his feed special is that the highlights of his posts are about the people that he meets. Having met Albert myself, I am happy to say that his Instagram page is true representation of who he is as a person. He is a bright, vibrant and and a very easy going person.

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2. Sonnidur

Sonnidur, or Sonny, has a wardrobe that is the envy of every denim dude. From his feed, he seems to be able to make an infinite amount of outfits with his pieces. Honestly speaking, that’s how we should all aim to shop and dress. We ought to buy less, so we can make the most use of our clothing and put less stress on the environment. What I like most about Sonny’s feed is that he successfully turns rugged denim into an office friendly staple. On his feed, you will find lots of cardigans, wool coats and sweaters that seems to tame the wild side of denim a little bit.


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3. DyeAndFade

Kris has a beautiful feed. It is one of the few pages that I find artistically pleasing to look at. It could be the effect of the consistent editing, but actually, every shot is great in its own right. Going through his feed, it is certain that he thinks about the composition of the picture before snapping away. Aside from the awesome pictures, what makes this feed stand out from many others is that Kris documents the fading process like no other. He takes 2 pairs of the same jeans and cares for them in a totally different way to see how it affects the fading process. In my opinion, by doing this, Kris effectively ends the wash vs no wash debate because both methods seem to produce beautifully faded jeans.


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4. Stelo1009

A lot of times, I see that Instagrammers either have poor picturing taking skills and great outfits, or great picture taking skills but terrible styling. Ste Lo’s takes the best of both worlds. His photos are clean, crisp and usually focused on a specific piece that he is wearing. In doing that, you can really see the details of the garment. Ste Lo is on this list because I think he is the personification of Westernwear that is modern and cool. His feed is nothing short of indigo, intricate southwestern patterns and leather patina. It also helps that Ste Lo’s is into sashiko repairs. A lot of us wear denim but how many of us can really say they know how to repair denim creativity?

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5. Apon228

Apon is a Taiwanese denim lover whose feed tells the story of his travels. His posts paint him to be especially fond of well made leather goods. One thing that stands out from his feed is that he crosses stylistic boundaries and does not strictly stays within workwear circles. On his page, you can find shoes by Brian The Bootmaker as well as more street style footwear like Hender Scheme Jordans. Another thing that makes his feed different is that he often features his significant other. By doing this, his page doubles as a great outfit inspo for aspiring denim couples.


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6. MikeLukaczyn

Who is Mike Lukaczyn? He describes himself as a “husband, Father, Marine Aquarist” and an appreciator of the “ the well crafted.” Mike’s feed is definitely one that you should check out if you are into Japanese denim brands such as Iron Heart. What makes his page special is that he posts some of the most interesting fades ever, so much so that Mike enters them into world fading championships. Although I have not kept up to see if he won or not, you should definitely check out his page to see all the other non-jean denim products that Mike has been fading.

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7. Shibooee

Matt’s feed showcases his awesome collection of boots, derbies and oxfords. I don’t think Matt has a loyalty to any specific brand, rather, he is just a fan of well made goods. He posts and writes about brands that many shoe enthusiasts may overlook, such as Bostonian or newcomers like DaVinci Footwear. To stay up to date on everything that’s new-yet-old fashioned, give Shibooee a follow.


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8. GiveCJAMinute

On the other spectrum, CJ Cook can be described as Red Wing Heritage’s biggest fan. I don’t think there is an exclusive or limited edition Red Wing that CJ does not own. My favorite is his 8117 Indigo Iron Ranger. Aside from his curated collection of Red Wings, CJ is also somewhat of a fashionista. You can draw some serious inspiration from all the chore coats and denim jackets that he wears in his posts.

[Watch CJ’s discussion with Stridewise here]


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9. EricNYCStyle

Eric is one of the more dressy dudes that still straddles in the rugged territory. What’s great about Eric’s feed is that he wears his boots without sacrificing class. I think this is something that we can all learn more about.

On his page, you will also find an elaborate amount of jackets that are filled with vibrant colors as well as hats only the most well dressed man can pull off. This man is something to aspire toward.


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10. NewEnglandMenswear

If you like everything condensed into one simple package, then John of NewEnglandMenswear is a page you must follow. This feed showcases the Oregon science teacher’s rugged, but somehow dinner ready wardrobe. His feed is well organized into well planned categories: outfit pics, shoe pics, flatlays, and more. The combination of the three makes it very easy for people to digest and learn from.

Thats a Wrap

Here are my top 10 Instagram account recommendations for lovers of boots, denim and personal style.

There are obviously a lot of people who could have been listed but I narrowed it down to accounts who I find unique either due to how they dress, their personality, or what they bring to the community.

Like I said earlier, I refrained from listing accounts that are linked to brands because this is not meant to be an advertisement for any specific company. My purpose was to introduce you guys to a great group of people. Let me know your favorites in the comments below.

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