The Rugged Romance of the Saddleback Flight Bag (Review)

Let’s get something out of the way right up top – I’ve been a big fan of Saddleback leather for a decade and change. My first quality leather briefcase was the classic 2 rivet briefcase, which I purchased my junior year in college after over a year of research (and more importantly, saving up money.) … Read more

Tecovas’ Boots Review | Is the Earl the Perfect Cowboy Boot for Everyone?

Whether you’re true blue, honest-to-God cowpuncher, or a Brooklyn hipster looking to add a little bit of Western flair into your folksy wardrobe, odds are you’ve heard of Tecovas. There are so many new brands popping up every day following a seemingly similar model” create a shiny new, direct-to-consumer brand, market yourself as a fresh, … Read more

Thursday Racer Jacket Review | The Best Value Leather Jacket?

A fine leather jacket is a rite of passage. They can be luxurious, elegant, badass, or all of the above. For some, it can even be the defining wardrobe accessory that anchors an entire style. However, leather jackets can also be, for many, prohibitively expensive. Now, the last thing you want when buying a luxury … Read more

Red Wing 875 Boot Review | Is the Iconic Moc Toe Worth It?

Among solid leather boots, few are as lauded and iconic as the Red Wing 875 Classic Moc. While we have reviewed at least half a dozen moc toe boots on Stridewise over the years, including an overview of Nick’s own three-year old Red Wing Mocs, we have yet to do a thorough review of the … Read more

Filson’s Rail Splitter Jeans Review: The Pros and Cons of $200 Work Pants

Filson is an interesting company. Existing at an intersection of utilitarian functionality and rugged, trendy, heritage wear, they have a deep history, having been in operation for 125 years. That history is central to Filson’s identity and at the core of their product designs. Over the past few years, Filson and its parent company have … Read more

Nivada Grenchen Chronomaster Aviator Sea Diver Review

To say that vintage watches have been in vogue for the past few years would be an understatement to say the least. Indeed, the watch world has been ablaze with interest and desire for vintage watches and vintage styling for the better part of the past decade, those flames fanned further by the record setting … Read more

Beckett Simonon’s Douglas Jodhpur Boot Is Just About Almost Perfect

Beckett Simonon is a curious company. Despite being founded in 2011 the direct to consumer company still flies somewhat under the radar. With classically designed, almost old-fashioned styling across the majority of their shoes and boots, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d accidentally gone to Allen Edmonds’ website. But the Bogotá, Colombia based brand brings … Read more

Minnetonka P.W. Driving Moccasin Review: Worth the Price?

Started in 1946, Minnetonka is a family owned footwear company based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota and currently operated by CEO, David Miller, the grandson of co-founder Philip W. Miller. The Midwestern shoe company has made the moccasin the cornerstone of their business, with a myriad of styles and variations available, ranging from pieces with traditional … Read more

The Garrison Boot by Warfield & Grand – A Tale of Two Boots

There are plenty of boot and shoe companies out there whose sole concern (get it?) is making a product that looks expensive. But simply because a shoe has the lines of a John Lobb does not mean that it will fit or feel like one. All too often in the direct to consumer world, these … Read more

Is White’s Perry Boot the Best Value Moc Toe?

While perhaps not as widely known as Red Wing, Danner, or Wolverine, White’s Boots is a force to be reckoned with in the heritage boot world and is consistently ranked among the best of the best when it comes to hand made leather boots. But the Spokane, Washington based company is far from a newcomer. … Read more