The 10 Best Classic Hunting Jackets for 2023

A good hunting jacket will shield you from the elements as well as not restrict your movements when you need to swing your shotgun around to fire at a fast-escaping duck (or two).

But at the same time, a good hunting jacket should, well, look cool. Given their cost, the ideal option should work as well in the field as it does out on the town.

An audacious goal, but an achievable one.

We think the best all-around fabric for your purpose is waxed canvas. Functioning like a tough-but-lightweight armor, it’s resistant to thorns and all kinds of abrasion while also being water resistant as all heck. It can sometimes look a bit boxy before it’s broken in, but it softens with time while developing a great patina, making for a look that’s bound to turn heads and earn you compliments

Function dictates the form, and these jackets also need plenty of pockets so your shells and tools are within reach when you need them. The prey doesn’t wait for its predator, after all.

So if you want a functional jacket while also invoking a little James Bond style, we rounded up some of the best waxed canvas hunting jackets available today.

You’re also going to learn about the history of hunting jackets, why waxed canvas is still a good choice, and what features to look for in a hunting jacket so it performs as needed in the hunt. First we’re going to get to the rankings, then how we landed on them.

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The Best Waxed Canvas Hunting Jackets

Without further ado, let’s dive into the best hunting jackets available today. There are picks from classic brands, new makers that uphold old school style, and even value picks from reliable retailers.

tom beckbe tensaw jacket

1. Tom Beckbe: Tensaw Jacket ($495)

The Tensaw was proclaimed one of the best waxed canvas jackets not just by us here at Stridewise, but also by our good friend Carl Murawski who deemed it The Ultimate Adventure Jacket.

And that’s for good reason. The brand may be young but their Tensaw jacket ticks all the boxes when looking for a fine hunting jacket. A versatile, medium weight fabric? Check. Earthy color options? Check. Oodles of water resistant pockets? Check. Creature comfort features like a lined collar and two sets of handwarmers? Double check.

The sticker price may be steep, but the Tensaw is an investment that will last you a lifetime.

Enough of my rambling though, you should probably check out Nick’s thorough Tensaw jacket review instead to learn why it deserves the top spot.


  • Made in USA
  • Built with function in mind with pockets aplenty
  • Cotton lining vastly increases comfort
  • Will age beautifully
  • 8-oz weight works well in most climates
  • Wide range of sizes, lengths, and colors


  • Very rugged look
  • On the pricier side
The Do Anything Jacket
Tom Beckbe's Tensaw

With roots as a hunting jacket, the Tensaw is a killer American-made garment that can be just as easily worn in the field as out on the town.

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Filson Tin Cloth Field Jacket

2. Filson: Tin Cloth Field Jacket ($465)

Filson Tin Cloth. What else needs to be said? Taking this into a sun shower is like bringing a knife to a gunfight; Tin Cloth is a legendary canvas that, at a whopping 14 ounces, will repel rain like water off a duck’s back. 

Combined with snap-on flaps for the front zip, external pockets, and even a detachable hood (sold separately), the Field Jacket is a layer of armor that can withstand whatever your hunt throws at you.

Meanwhile, to keep you warm, the collar and hand warmers are lined with Mackinaw wool, another famously high performing fabric that Filson is well known for.  

Storage is in spades for this jacket. The bellow pockets have internal dividers for keeping your tools and ammo organized and can easily carry a box of 12-gauge shells. The zippered side-entry rear pocket lets you store gloves, a cap, or even that bird that almost got away. A zippered internal pocket lets you store more stuff in case you need to.

Even if it only comes in one color, the signature Filson Dark Tan, is there anything more that you’d want?


  • Lined rear game bag/pocket
  • Adjustable waist cinches
  • Wool lined collar and pockets for warmth
  • Seamless shoulders for rain resistance


  • Made in Bangladesh
  • Some find Mackinaw wool itchy
  • Thick canvas may be too tin-like for maximum comfort
Tin Cloth Field Jacket

A classic that has earned a reputation for having rugged durability and versatility. It is constructed out of Filson's oil finish Tin Cloth that repels rain, snow, thorns, and abrasion.

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barbour beaufort jacket

3. Barbour: Beaufort Jacket ($415)

When it comes to waxed canvas jackets, Barbour is another go-to name. You can hardly go wrong with ‘em.

Their Beaufort jacket is most suited for hunting because it’s the most relaxed fit in their lineup of hunting jackets and it’s the only one with a full-width nylon-lined rear pocket, perfect for storing more gear or even the birds you’ve caught.

It’s made with Barbour’s 6-oz Thornproof waxed cloth, so it’s more lightweight than the other jackets mentioned thus far, but also more nimble. It’s got snap-on flaps for the front zipper and bellow pockets to keep rain out of the interior. No wet gunpowder here.

The handwarmer pockets are lined with moleskin while the collar is lined with corduroy, both ideal given waxed cotton can have a clammy feeling on the skin. There’s an internal pocket under the storm flap and yet another internal pouch at the waist area.

The liner is detachable and Barbour even offers you a detachable hood (for a separate price of course). 

The Beaufort isn’t cheap, but for that you’ll get Barbour quality that’s been world-renowned since 1894.


  • Pockets for game and cartridges
  • Snap-closed throat flap and storm-fly front for rain protection
  • Raglan sleeves with underarm ventilation
  • Fully lined with cotton
  • Versatile enough for city wear
  • Attachable hood and liner 


  • Hood and liner sold separately
  • 6-oz weight is a little less durable than other options
An English classic!
Barbour Classic Beaufort Waxed Jacket
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flint tinder hudson jacket

4. Flint and Tinder: Waxed Hudson Jacket ($298(

For the more budget conscious, Flint and Tinder is the house brand of Huckberry and it’s a great option if you’re looking for the most bang for your buck for classic menswear.

The Hudson jacket is their take on a hunting jacket. It’s made of 8-oz shell cloth from British Millerain, the pioneer of waxed cotton, and there are four earth-toned colors to choose from (Black, Forest, Navy, and Tan).

The front zip has a storm flap while the three front pockets have buttoned flaps. The two side pockets are corduroy lined to keep your hands warm and there’s even an interior chest pocket and a rear pocket that’s lined with corduroy.

The Hudson has a slimmer fit and there’s no gusset at the armholes, so if you want to layer more underneath it, go one size up. 

What’s got me scratching my head just a bit is that the collar’s wool lining is outside, so it doesn’t really warm your neck from the cold. 

Still, for a sub-$300 hunting jacket, the Hudson jacket from Flint and Tinder offer a lot of value for the money.


  • Inexpensive
  • Lined with cotton flannel
  • Very versatile, works well in urban settings


  • Made in Indonesia
  • Slimmer fit and lack of gussets may not offer as much mobility as other options
  • Lower in pockets and functionality than other brands
Budget Friendly!
Flint and Tinder Waxed Hudson Jacket
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taylor stitch field jacket

5. Taylor Stitch: The Field Jacket ($398)

Like most of their offerings, the small batch production runs of Taylor Stitch help keep their quality high. Their Field jacket is no exception.

It’s made of 9-oz fabric from Halley Stevensons, another premier supplier of waxed cotton that hails from Scotland. There’s a storm flap for the front zipper and buttoned flaps for the two bottom pockets. 

Above those two buttoned flaps are hand warming pockets positioned diagonally and a single zippered chest pocket. For more storage, there’s another zippered chest pocket at the inside and there’s also two expandable back pockets.

For ease of movement, the jacket has a bi swing back that’ll help mobility when movement is a priority. 

The only color available is Navy, so you might stand out just a bit when you’re in greener or browner environments.


  • 100% cotton twill lining
  • Variety of pockets for storing gear
  • Reinforced shoulders


  • Made in China
  • Only navy available
  • Trimmer fit
Taylor Stitch Field Jacket
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peregrine bexley jacket

6. Peregrine: Bexley Jacket ($320)

Peregrine may not be as popular as Barbour or Filson, but they have 220 years of experience of making clothes for the British climate, not to mention that they still craft them in the UK to this day. With a striking style — be sure to check out the mustard color — this deserves a spot at the top of the food chain.

Their hunting coat is called the Bexley, and it’s made with an 8-oz waxed fabric from British Millerain that’s water resistant and windproof. The three front pockets and front zip have protective snap-on flaps to keep water out of the interior and the body is lined with cotton for comfort — no polyester here.

It does not have hand warming pockets, but there are internal pockets for extra storage space.

The fit is on the smaller side, so go up a size if you want to layer underneath.


  • Fairly inexpensive
  • Vintage British military outerwear look
  • Made in the UK


  • No handwarmer pockets
  • Slim cut
Peregrine Bexley Jacket
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Orvis Heritage Field Coat

7. Orvis Heritage Field Coat ($275)

Orvis is a hunting apparel brand founded in 1856 in Vermont, so they not only have heritage in spades but they’re also terrific value at $275.

Their Heritage Field Coat is the more traditionally styled hunting jacket, made with a 100% waxed cotton fabric and there are even reinforced shoulder and elbow patches. 

Like any good hunting jacket, the front bellow pockets and front zip have snap-on flaps for rain resistance and there’s a rear game pocket to boot. The armholes are also gusseted for better arm movement while on the move. And for warmth, there are hand warmer pockets and a corduroy-lined collar. For more storage, there’s two interior pockets and a rear waterproof pocket.

Orvis offers this jacket in two colors, Olive and Tobacco, both of which can easily blend in marsh, swamp, and forest environments.

For $275, it is one of the more affordable options in this list. But even if the Heritage Field Coat is made in the Far East, it doesn’t skimp on build quality and features. Size up if room to move is important.


  • Inexpensive
  • Fit is roomy but not baggy
  • Drier wax doesn’t rub off easily


  • Made in Asia
  • Not as water resistant as some competitors
Orvis Heritage Field Coat
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LL Bean Double L Waxed-Cotton Upland Coat

8. LL Bean Double L Waxed-Cotton Upland Coat ($249)

LL Bean is best known for their duck boots but the brand also makes hunting apparel, with the Upland Coat their preeminent offering. 

The unique thing about this jacket is the machine-washable waxed cotton fabric that’s made in collaboration with British Millerain, a name you’ve seen a lot on this list because they’re world renowned for their quality textiles. Throwing waxed canvas into the washing machine is usually not recommended given how harsh detergents can be to the wax, but it seems like LL Bean has pulled it off.

Of course, the jacket doesn’t cut on essential hunting jacket features. There’s an action back for a full range of motion, snap-on flaps in the shell pockets and front zip, a lined collar, and four(!) lined hand warming pockets. Two of those handwarmers can even serve as pouches that can hold up to 4 pheasants.

At just $250, there’s no wonder it’s here on our list: it’s a great value piece. It’s perfect for when you’re just starting to explore hunting jackets or you’re on a tight budget.


  • Machine washable
  • Inexpensive
  • Game bags are large and easily accessible
  • Plenty of exterior pockets


  • Made overseas
  • Quite lightweight
  • No corduroy collar or liner
  • Just one interior pocket
LL Bean Double L Waxed-Cotton Upland Coat

Perhaps the only machine-washable waxed jacket, this is truly a unique addition to any wardrobe. The fabric used is an innovation developed by LL Bean & British Millerain.

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Drake Waterfowl McAlister Wax Canvas Wading Jacket

9. Drake Waterfowl McAlister Wax Canvas Wading Jacket ($300)

Drake Waterfowl is a younger brand of hunting apparel, having just been launched in 2002. The McAlister is their line that offers 100% waxed cotton jackets, with the pretty-darn-heavy Wading Jacket their pick for rugged outdoor wear.

Their McAlister Wading Jacket is made of a 10-oz fabric and is filled with classic hunting jacket cues such as a corduroy lined collar, fleece lined hand warming pockets, and snap-on flaps for the waist pockets and front zip. 

There’s also plenty of extra pockets with two zippered chest pockets, a side-entry rear pocket, and another internal pocket at the left side of the waist.

What’s notable with this jacket is there’s also a detachable hood that comes with it. Most brands sell you the hood separately, so Drake certainly has a trump card here.

With the relatively low cost and the vintage (yet practical) features of this coat, it is hard to say no to the Wading Jacket.


  • Fairly heavy 10.1-oz canvas
  • Chest pockets attach with magnets
  • Removable hood included
  • Zip closure cargo pockets


  • Made in China
  • Lining isn’t 100% cotton
Drake Waterfowl McAlister Wax Canvas Wading Jacket

This Jacket is made from 10.10oz waxed canvas. This jacket is made for those who are serious about the outdoors.

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Over Under Waxed Briar Jacket

10. Over Under Waxed Briar Jacket ($395)

Over Under is another young hunting apparel brand with a limited selection: their goal is to just focus hard on the products that matter. They believe so much in the durability of their jacket that it comes with what they call an “Heirloom Patch” where you can write your name as the owner — and there’s a space for the second owner after you’re gone from this Earth. 

Their Waxed Briar Jacket is their only hunting jacket and it is made of a 12-oz waxed cotton shell and a 200-gram tartan lining.

The front zip and external pockets have snap-on flaps for water resistance while the collar is lined with Italian alcantara, an uncommon textile that they include because it’s softer than moleskin, providing a luxury feel on a true field jacket.

The hand warming pockets are behind the bellow pockets and for extra storage space, there’s a side-entry zippered rear pocket and zippered chest pocket.

The detachable orange collar strip is especially useful when you need extra visibility. No more getting lost and hard-to-spot buddies in the wild.

Despite Over Under’s relatively new standing, they certainly did their homework with this one. They even throw in a 2-oz can of wax with the jacket, which should be enough for the first re-wax. Nice!


  • Option for interior zipper liner
  • Removable orange hunting strip on collar 
  • Includes free wax for reproofing


  • Pricy
  • Often out of stock
Over Under Clothing Tan Waxed Briar Jacket

The Briar jacket is constructed from 10oz waxed cotton fabric and is a leading competitor to some of the well-established brands on the market. This jacket is designed with a roomy tailored that will not restrict your movement when you layer up.

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The History of Hunting Jackets

The origin of clothing specifically made for hunting is debatable, but one of the earliest manufacturers was well-renowned for first introducing high quality purpose built garments.

It started with three employees at the workwear manufacturing company of one Quentin McAdam in the early 1900s. Albert Jones was a traveling salesman, Jesse Bird was a superintendent in the factory, and Harry Kenyon was a partner in McAdam’s firm.

In 1904, these three men then joined together to create the Duxbak and Kamp-It brands because they saw the need for dedicated hunting and camping clothes. They noticed that campers and hikers in the Adirondack region would just wear their old clothes when going outdoors — this spawned the modern camping/hunting/hiking clothing niche.

They were among the first makers to use a tighter woven canvas that repels water much better, like water off a duck’s back. (See where the name came from? Now you know.)

Early on, they advertised themselves as makers of over engineered garments made with heavy canvas that could survive decades of use.

So it’s no surprise that Duxbak’s gear became heirloom pieces. In the 1920s and 30s they were purported to display properly abused items that have outlived their original owners. Modern Americana enthusiasts who seek out vintage wear will usually find hunting paraphernalia from the ’60s and ’70s in the pockets of Duxbak jackets made during the 1920s. They were that sturdy.

Unfortunately, Duxbak’s strength became its weakness when mass production began to take hold in the West by the ’60s and ’70s. Duxbak’s clothing was also looked over in favor of cheaper alternatives from the East and by the 1980s, the company was bought and shrunk by different owners and eventually landed in the hands of Dickies’ parent company, who later quietly discontinued the brand right in time for its 100th anniversary in 2013.

Tom Bekbe Tensaw plenty of movement

Why waxed canvas for hunting jackets?

Modern hunting jackets nowadays also use synthetic fabrics (which is not a knock on those by any means) but waxed canvas has worked very well for a really long time.

Here are a few reasons why.

1. Waxed canvas is very durable

The tightly woven cotton fabric is resistant to abrasion and tears, and these properties tend to improve the heavier the canvas is.

And as long as you re-wax it every time it needs to, the jacket can last for many many years to come.

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2. Waxed canvas ages well

It lasts forever, and it looks cool while it’s at it. Looks may not matter to everyone when buying a hunting jacket, but no one will say no to cool. The subdued, classic colors tend to age better, especially if you’re also using the jacket for casual wear.

The patina of waxed canvas is also some sort of a low-key status symbol, showing that you did the work and the jacket is proof of that. And that is never not cool.

3. Waxed canvas is water resistant

While it’s a stretch to call it waterproof, you can see in the video above that they’re very resistant to rain as long as that wax coating remains. (It abates with wear; that’s when you rewax.)

4. Waxed canvas is wind resistant

The wax will seal a lot of holes in the fabric where you’ll hardly feel the breeze anymore.

It’s not super breathable, but the seal is tight enough where air particles can still pass through, and cotton also isn’t as insulating compared to synthetics. Look for a jacket with wool or flannel lining for chillier days.

tom beckbe tensaw camouflage hunting jacket

What to look for in a hunting jacket

Nature will bite you back in the butt when you’re not prepared for it. It can rain without notice. The wind picks up. You dash through thorny underbrush. 

Your jacket has to protect you from the elements and make movement easier while you try to remain as stealthy as possible.

Look for these features when you need a trusty coat for the hunt.  

6- to 10-oz waxed canvas fabric

“Oz” refers to how many ounces per square yard the fabric weighs. Six to ten ounces strikes a good balance of weight and ease of break-in. It’s tough, yet light enough that it doesn’t wear you down and it also doesn’t require weeks of break-in.

Earthy colors

If you’re actually gonna use the jacket to hunt in the forest, earthy colors like dark brown, olive green, dark grey, and field tan blend well with the environment. Although it’s not the most versatile for heading out for drinks afterward, many brands also have camouflage patterns.

Bi-swing back

You know that tight sensation on your shoulder and back when you extend your arm? Avoid it. Sometimes called an action back, a bi-swing back has a gusset on both armholes so your arm isn’t restricted when extending it. The extra cloth unfolds when you’re aiming for a shot or trying to move branches out of your way.

tom beckbe tensaw warm pockets

Hand warming pockets

Cold hands tend to be slower hands. And the difference between a hit and a miss can sometimes be just milliseconds.

Hand warming pockets are lined with fleece or flannel so you can keep your hands warm and ready. 

External pockets with buttoned flaps

Wet knives, wet bullets, wet straps, and any wet piece of gear… sucks. They’re difficult to use because they’re slippery, the additional time of wiping them is annoying, and the possibility of rusting makes you more anxious than needed. I cannot stress this point enough.

That’s why pockets with buttoned flaps are essential because these avoid unnecessarily getting your tools more wet.

Internal pockets

You really can never have too much storage space when you’re out in the wild.

Storm flap 

Water can actually still seep through zippers, especially when it’s raining cats and dogs.

For extra water resistance, a storm flap shields your front zipper to prevent rain from leaking through it.

A tall, lined collar

A cold neck can easily become a numb or sore neck, which makes aiming and looking for your prey much more difficult.

A tall collar that’s lined with either flannel, wool, or corduroy keeps the cold at bay when you’re in the midst of the hunt.

Is a hunting jacket your next waxed canvas piece?

So there you go!

Waxed canvas is still a solid fabric for hunting and it also looks good for just casual wear.

Stellar waxed canvas hunting jackets span the whole price range of mid two hundreds to low five hundreds and while you might lose some bells and whistles here and there depending on the brand, the options on this list are the best options on the market.

So whether you actually hunt or you just like the bravado of a hunting jacket, there is a piece here that suits you.

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