Thursday Boots President Tobacco Review: Rugged and Resilient for $199

Looking for a Thursday Boots President Tobacco review? You’ve come to the right place – I’m going to share my thoughts on this rugged, resilient masterpiece by Thursday Boots today.

Not only did I wear these boots while hosting the World’s Strongest Man, I even wore them to the tannery in Mexico, where the leather is made. After a ton of wear, it’s time to review Thursday Boot Company’s President Boot.

One of the first three boots the company offered when they were launched via Kickstarter in 2014 (the other two are the Captain and the Diplomat), the President is a good example of the company’s approach to design: when they couldn’t find one on the market, Thursday’s founders set out to make a hybrid that was neither a bulky work boot nor a dainty dress boot. They created something sleek and versatile – a boot that can be worn with just about anything.

At the time of writing this Thursday President Boots Review, the boot comes in a solid ten kinds of leather. Your options range from lush suedes to my rugged Thursday Boots President Tobacco leather. Given how outdoorsy it is, Tobacco may not be the best example of a boot for the office, but it’s nonetheless the most popular leather for Thursday’s President boot. 

In this Thursday President Boot review, I’ll do a deep dive into the leather, construction, price, and the pros and cons so you know if these are right for you.

In summary: I found them to punch far above their weight, offering a versatile aesthetic with tough-as-nails leather and a resoleable, water-resistant construction that handled everything I threw at it.

Tough and Timeless
Thursday Boot Co. President Boot

The President is a plain toe, low profile boot that's built for longevity: they're resoleable, water resistant, and pair with just about any outfit.

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Who should buy Thursday Boots President Boot?

  • Guys who value versatility; the sleek-but-not-too-sleek look goes with anything 
  • Anyone after a durable boot that can be resoled
  • Folks who want a boot that’ll keep their feet dry in the rain
  • Wide-footed men with EE/EEE width
  • Budget-conscious guys; at $199, there’s no better value for money

Who shouldn’t buy Thursday Boot Company’s President?

  • People who prefer the more bulky look of traditional work boots
  • Guys who prefer the feeling of old-fashioned boots; the EVA foam makes this softer underfoot
  • Anyone looking for a chunkier lug sole; the President only comes with studded rubber
thursday president boots on feet
My well loved Presidents

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Thursday’s President Boot Style

  • Plain toe boot
  • Sleek service boot style
  • Get a model with speed hooks for a more casual look that’s easier to put on
  • Get it without speed hooks for a cleaner, dressier look
  • Low profile, unassuming boot that’s deceptively versatile

To kick off my Thursday president boot review, let’s talk style. Thursday’s defining feature as a brand is combing a classic heritage look with sharper angles and a slightly dressier look. They sell the more outdoorsy Explorer and Commander boots, but when it comes to the President, the shape of the last combined with low profile sole and a variety of leathers make for a boot that can dress up but isn’t pretentious.

It’s often compared with their most popular model, the Captain boot. I made a video below comparing the two, but the main takeaway is that the Captain has a toecap and the President doesn’t, though there are a couple of other small differences.

In either case, the aesthetic looks as good with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt as it does with khakis and a blazer — just pick the right leather for your purpose.

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The Thursday President Boots Leather

  • 10+ kinds of leather ranging from suede to full grain
  • Tanned in Mexico from Tier 1 US Cattle
  • “Rugged and Resilient” options are oil tanned for extra durability 

I visited Thursday’s primary tannery and was impressed by its sustainability. Many tanneries worldwide are responsible for environmental pollution due to chromium 6 runoff, but theirs is certified as producing zero chromium 6 pollution. 

The leather itself is made from Tier 1 cattle raised in the United States, and Tobacco is part of Thursday’s “Rugged and Resilient” line: leathers that are hot stuffed with extra oils to make them extra durable and weatherproof. They need practically no conditioning at all.

Just note that as thicker leathers, the Rugged and Resilient line is a little harder to break in than the rest: you may have some soreness the first couple of times you wear them out of the box. That just comes with the territory when buying high-quality boots, though!

thursday president boots review

As you can see, my Thursday Boots President Tobacco has developed a ton of character without losing its integrity. This is meant to be a leather you can beat the you-know-what out of. It’s quite matte in appearance; the extra oils aren’t the kind that gives it a noticeable shine, but if you like this more subdued look, my Presidents have done a great job of handling punishment, and they’ve got many years of life ahead.

This “Rugged and Resilient” option may not be perfect for dressing up. Still, there is a range of leathers available on the President that can easily work with business casual outfits, like the burgundy-brown Thursday Chrome or plain Black. For a look that’s right down the middle in terms of dressiness, consider suede, a medium brown like Frontier, or a Black Matte. Indeed, one of the coolest things about the brand is that they’ve gotten so popular that there’s a huge range of leathers you can get them in.

Thursday president boots
I wore my Presidents when hosting a cowboy-themed strongman event.

one of the coolest things about Thursday is that they’ve gotten so popular that there’s a huge range of leathers you can get them in.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention there are more leathers available on the Captain because it’s a more popular product, so be sure to check out that selection if you can be swayed on the cap toe. 

Whichever model you choose, there’s leather for just about any style.

[To learn more about their suede options, check out another video I shot in Mexico: How Thursday Makes Their Suede]

thursday president boot on feet
Coffee and donuts in Washington Square Park.

The Thursday Boots President Construction

  • Resoleble Goodyear welt
  • Steel shank for stability
  • Cork midsole for comfort
  • Layer of Antimicrobial poron for additional shock absorption
  • Leather lining

Beneath this leather upper, there’s a lot going on.

For those new to boots (welcome!), the leather and the sole are attached with a Goodyear welt. Unlike your sneakers, which are glued (“cemented”) together, a Goodyear welt is a complex process that produces a very water-resistant boot that can be resoled when you wear it through the rubber outsole. The nice thing about the outsole is that it’s flat when viewed from the side, but it’s dotted with recessed rubber studs that confer a surprising amount of grip.

thursday president boot sole

Between the outsole and the upper, you’ll find layers of stiff vegetable-tanned leather, cork, and a less traditional component: a layer of Poron, a foamy substance usually found in athletic shoes to absorb shock. One of the most frustrating things about the more old-fashioned construction you’ll find in traditional brands like Red Wing is that even with cork filling, they can feel a little like walking around on the hardwood. The President has cork and Poron, mashing old and new together per the brand’s identity.

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thursday president boots outfit

The Thursday Boot Company President Boot’s Sizing & Comfort

  • Order half size down
  • Available in Standard (D/E) and Wide (EE/EEE) fits
  • Little break-in
  • Poron sole offers great shock absorption
  • Soft leather lining

If you’re new to ordering boots, you should know two things: your sneakers are probably bigger than your real size, and your boots are probably smaller. 

Get yourself measured on a Brannock device in a shoe store and go down to the nearest half-size. I’m a frustrating 11.7, and I found the 11.5s comfortable, if roomy. Being between half sizes like me is annoying, but if you were 11.5, I’d say to go down to an 11. Go down to the nearest half-size. The President also comes in an extra wide version that fits EE widths. 

These are made with a leather midsole, cork filling, and a steel shank for stability, all of which are hallmarks of any good boot. They’re why boots feel better as they age: the leather and cork mold around your foot to eventually make your boot feel like it’s custom-made for you. 

Those components combined with 1.9-ish millimeter thick leather, shock-absorbing foam, and soft leather lining means Thursday has a much easier break-in than most competitors.

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Thursday President boot unboxing tobacco
My own Presidents fresh out of the box.

The Thursday Boot Company President Boot’s Price

  • $199

A full-grain leather boot with Goodyear welt construction would usually set you back at least $300, but Thursday sells them for $199. Whether you love or hate them, there’s no denying Thursday Boot Company offers the best value in the game. You won’t find quality materials for this low!

The price makes them accessible, and it’s undoubtedly why Thursday Boot Company has managed to bring the world of Goodyear welted footwear to a larger audience. I think many guys thought boots were out of their budget until they found this company. And I think that’s cool.

Tough and Timeless
Thursday Boot Co. President Boot

The President is a plain toe, low profile boot that's built for longevity: they're resoleable, water resistant, and pair with just about any outfit.

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Thursday President Boot Alternatives

Part of the reason you came here might have been to see how the Thursday President Boots stack up against similar boots in this weight class.

You’d be hard-pressed to replicate the value along with the rugged durability and clean, sophisticated look. With that said, there are a few alternatives to the Thursday President Boots.

If you’re looking for something similar but not identical…

thursday titan boot

Thursday’s Titan 

Many people are curious about the Thursday Boots President vs Captain – but if you’re looking to stick with Thursday Boot Company, the Titan is definitely the best alternative. For the same price, you can pick up the Titan boot, which has a similar plain-toe design but it’s a little more outdoorsy.

The big differences to note are the grippier lug sole, the extra water-resistant storm welt, and the slightly less pointed toe. You can also consider the

red wing blacksmith shadow

Red Wing Heritage’s Blacksmith 

It’s a good $120 more expensive, but the leather is thicker and the toe is rounder and more voluminous. This could be a good option if you like the President but prefer a traditional boot over the more modern silhouette. This model is also made in the United States, which may justify the price hike for you. (Though if that’s your main concern, check out Thursday’s Vanguard.)

grant stone diesel boot

Grant Stone’s Diesel

Available in a wide array of leathers — sometimes you can even get ’em in ostrich or kangaroo — Grant Stone’s flagship boot is almost $200 more expensive but is universally considered to be superb value for money. These are on par with very high-end bootmakers like Alden that charge over $600 for their boots: the leathers are world-class, the quality control is excellent, and they feel much sturdier underfoot than most cheaper boots.

Thursday Tobacco president

Thursday Boot’s President Boot Pros & Cons

Here’s the long and short of my Thursday President Boot Review:


  • Great value
  • Very water resistant
  • Can be resoled
  • Available in 10 kinds of leather
  • Unusually good shock absorption
  • Versatile look


  • Not a traditional-looking work boot, if that’s your jam
  • Only sold online, difficult to try before you buy
  • Not ideal for hiking or situations that need extra grip

Final Thoughts on My Thursday Boot’s President Review

That concludes my Thursday Boot’s President review. As you can see, the clean and sophisticated look of this boot – paired with rugged, quality materials at a great price – earned it a rave review from me!

The tough leather and Goodyear welt are a great combination for durability. The value is insane, they’re water resistant, shock-absorbing, and come in a ton of leathers to choose from. 

Not many people offer such a democratic boot. The price makes it accessible, yes, but the streamlined look makes it easy to wear with a wide variety of outfits. A lot of knock-around boots are hard to dress up, but the right leather can fit right in at the office.

That look may be what turns off some guys who want a more traditional, voluminous, heavy boot, and that’s fine if it’s what you need. Others aren’t crazy that they’re a direct-to-consumer brand that exclusively sells online and at their Manhattan showroom — they’re hard to try before you buy, in other words. But exchanges are free, and the price is low.

These are very low-risk, high-reward purchase. I love my Thursday Boots President Tobacco – but check out my other Thursday boots reviews for more inspiration before pulling the trigger on one particular pair! Or, check out our Red Wing Iron Ranger boots review.

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  1. Hi! Mr. English – I love the President in the Tobacco leather. I wanted this boot to work for me but sadly, it will not. I wear a 10EEE in Wolverine 1000 Mile with custom foot orthotics. I just tried the President in 10W. Without orthotics, the boot is long enough but in the ball area of my foot, even without the orthotic, this boot is way too snug for my foot. My orthotics would have amplified the snugness issue. Your assessment is bullseye!! Nice boot, good construction, very nice un-boxing experience. Thursday made the return painless and flawless. Thank You for reviewing this boot. SOLID.

    • You got it in wide and no good?? I’m sorry to hear it Mobley! I think Thursday’s wide is more for E/EE than the EE/EEE they advertise it as. Thanks for letting us know, and it’s cool the return was easy.


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