The 10 Best Men’s Boots for Wide Feet | Moc Toe, Chukka, Chelsea, and More

It is surprising how many boot companies don’t offer wide options for their boots.

It makes more sense when you realize that these businesses need to make new lasts — foot-shaped blocks of wood used to create the fit — when they want to offer wider sizes. Creating new lasts is incredibly laborious and expensive, and many smaller boot companies simply can’t afford to offer wide widths for all of their products. This is always to the chagrin of a significant portion of the consumer base; every time a drool-worthy new boot is released, there’s always someone in the Reddit comments bemoaning the lack of wider widths.

Bemoan no further, because some companies take the extra time to make a selection of boots for the wide-footed guy. It doesn’t matter if you want a $200 comfortable, casual boot, or a $600 sleek, dressy boot, there’s something on this list for your wide feet.  Let’s go!


adelante havana
The Adelante Havana

Table of Contents

1. The Best Overall Boots for Wide Feet: Adelante (~$300)

Best for Wide or Narrow Feet
Adelante Mendoza

Their made-to-order model means they can produce footwear for just about any size or width, plus they have a huge focus on sustainability and business ethics.

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With a focus on ethical manufacturing, Adelante produces extremely handmade boots in Guatemala. In fact, I even had the chance to visit their workshop and make a pair myself. Without training, it took me five full days to make a very imperfect boot — fortunately, their craftsmen are much more skilled and efficient.

All of their boots are under 300 bucks, which is crazy at this level of quality. They use high end materials and quality leathers from Lefarc, one of the world’s most sustainable tanneries.  

What’s great about Adelante is that all of their boots are made to order, so they have the ability to customize the fit to your foot and they can accommodate just about any width: from C to EEEEE and all the way up to size 17.  If you add up the quality materials, construction (like hand lasting), and customization, boots like Adelante from anywhere else would cost way over $500. While a lot of made-to-order companies in developing countries take months to deliver, Adelante’s turnaround is just two weeks — and they send you a video of your boot being made to foster an intimate connection with your new footwear and your expert craftspeople who got it to you.

Who should buy Adelante boots?

  • Guys with unusual feet; if you have extremely wide feet they can customize the fit.
  • People with large feet; in addition to super wide widths, sizes go up to 17.
  • Anyone who cares about ethical manufacturing; the workers are paid double the local wage, have health insurance, and more perks so you can feel good about your purchase.

Who shouldn’t buy Adelante boots?

  • Guys who want a huge variety of styles to choose from; there are service boots and Chelseas, but no moc toes, split toes, or cap toes just yet.

Allen Edmonds Higgins Mill street

2. Best American Made Boots for Wide Feet: Allen Edmonds ($400-$500)

The Smart Casual Boot
Allen Edmonds Higgins Mill Boot

The Higgins Mill is made with Horween Chromexcel leather and has an all-weather outsole. The casual boot features clean, simple lines that give it an appeal in all settings.

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Allen Edmonds is one of the best-known American shoe makers. Founded in 1922, they have over 100 years of shoe making experience and a massive range of styles available in a massive range of widths, making them a favorite for wide-footed guys everywhere who prefer American made boots.

Most of their footwear is available in E and EEE widths, including their most popular boot, the Higgins Mill. A bonus is that their site is easy to navigate by width — check out their “Extended Sizes” drop down to see what’s available in E, EE, and EEE. All three can be easily found.

Who should buy Allen Edmonds boots for wide feet?

  • Guys who value American made; many (though not all) of their footwear is made at their Port Washington factory in Wisconsin.
  • Men who need dressier fare; boots like the Higgins Mill and the Dalton Wingtip are easy to wear in business casual environments, perhaps even under a suit.
  • Anyone wants a range of wide sizes; you can get a huge selection of styles from sneakers to boots, up to size 15.

Who shouldn’t buy Allen Edmonds boots for wide feet?

  • Budget-minded guys; they are a good price for their quality, but tend to run over $400. 

[Further reading: The Best Leather Sneakers for Wide Feet]

alden indy featured

3. Best Luxury Boots for Wide Feet: Alden (~$600)

The New England Classic
Alden 403 "Indy Boot" Brown Chromexcel

Famously comfortable for spending all day on your feet, this stylish boot pairs with almost anything. You won't want to take it off.

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In all my years of obsessively buying shoes, I’ve never seen as many widths offered by a big brand as Alden. It doesn’t how matter how wide or narrow your foot is, Alden has the perfect fit for you — if you can afford ’em. 

Alden Boots Highlights:

Alden is well known for making anatomically correct lasts; indeed, their boots have a long history as orthopedic boots. The 403 model, better known as the Indy — the very boot worn by Indiana Jones —  has long inside counters and a Thomas heel, and it’s actually a favorite for guys with flat arches and other foot problems because the last is so well made and the boot is so supportive and well balanced.

The very refined last is one reason it’s the best for wide feet, the other is that they simply go really, really wide. In American sizes, D is the normal standard width for shoes, and E or maybe EE is ‘wide.’ The widths you can get for most Alden boots are B, C, D, E, EEE, and even EEEE.  

Read the review of the Alden Indy here or shop all of their boots here.

Who Should Buy Alden Boots?

  • Guys with wide feet, narrow feet, really narrow feet, and really wide feet. You can get EEEE with these!
  • Anyone who loves feeling like Indiana Jones. (Who doesn’t?)
  • Men who need extra water-resistant boots — these are snappy shoes, but many are also made with a robust storm welt
  • Folks who value American made; all of Alden’s footwear is made in Massachusetts.

Who Shouldn’t Buy Alden Boots?

  • You’re on a budget and can’t afford the $600+ price tag. 
  • You prefer chunky, voluminous, work boot style footwear. Aldens are fine with a t-shirt, but they’re slimmer than, say, a logger boot.

Two more things you should know is that one: they are expensive, but two: the 403s are the boot Indiana jones wears in all of his movies. That’s why it’s called the Alden Indy.  

[Like it? Shop the Alden Indy boot here!]

nick's robert boots
Nicks Robert boots made with double row stitchdown construction

4. The Toughest Boots for Wide Feet: Nick’s Handmade Boots

The Tough Guy Boot!
Nicks Handmade Boots' Urban Logger

The Urban Logger® takes the best features of serious work boots (lug sole, logger heel, brass hardware) and combines them with the style of heritage boots.

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Nick’s is very different to Alden. Alden is snappy and refined, while Nick’s is an all star Pacific Northwest boot company. That’s where they make the really serious boots for firefighters, loggers, and other burly man jobs. The Urban Logger is their best boot for guys that want something that works in the city and in the dirt, but since they can custom make your footwear, you can get anything from their collection as wide as you need.

Nick’s Boots Highlights

These boots are available in all widths off the shelf in brown waxed flesh or you can get made to order (MTO).  With the MTO option you can pick your leather, how hard the toe is, the height of the shaft, and you can pick from a jaw dropping 11 widths. There are so many widths that I’m almost inclined to believe they’re just making up new ones: they offer AA, A, B, C, D, E, EE, F, FF, FFF, FFFF.

So there’s no chance these boots won’t fit you — if you can stomach the usual price of over $600. 

Who Should Wear Nick’s  Boots?

  • Guys who need super solid work boots.
  • Anyone who wants a durable, well-made wide boot that will last a lifetime. Honestly, if you’ve had a tough time finding boots that fit right and are durable, these deserve their reputation as the toughest boots on Earth.
  • A person whose foot is so wide that they can’t buy ANY shoes, ever. 

Who Shouldn’t Buy Nick’s Urban Logger?

  • Impatient men; while there are some ready to ship models, unusual widths will probably need to be built — which takes months
  • Urban men who don’t need a full-on, rugged boot. These bad boys are very heavy and stiff, and need time to break in; not everyone needs that.
  • Guys who are saving their pennies and don’t want to pay over $600.

thursday captain boot heel

5. Best Value Boot for Wide Feet: Thursday Boot Company ($199)

The Work-Dress Boot Hybrid
Thursday Boot Co. Captain Boot

A groundbreaking boot that combines dress boots and casual boots for a versatile, go-anywhere piece of footwear that's fully resoleable.

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Thursday Boot Company does things differently: instead of offering D or E, they go with “Standard” and “Wide,” and  their wide fits EE and EEE. Now, you can’t get all of Thursday’s models in wide widths, but you can get the wide version of their flagship boot, the Captain, in six leathers, as well as their other popular boots like their Cavalier Chelseas.

Thursday Captain Boots Highlights

The Captain is just a great all-around, daily driver of a boot. Thursday offers the wide Captain in their classic Brown and Terracotta (I own both) and also Black and Natural Chromexcel.

You can also get two options in their extra tough Rugged & Resilient leathers: Arizona Adobe and Black Matte. The Brown and the Arizona Adobe colors are the most popular ones for the Captain, and you can get ’em if you have wide feet.

The best part? They’re just $199 per pair.

Who Should Buy Thursday’s Captain Boots?

  • Men who value versatility; these boots are a dress/work boot hybrid that work great with a t-shirt or in business casual settings.
  • Guys who like comfort; Captains are made with shock absorbing EVA foam for a slightly more sneaker-like feel than your average boots.
  • Anyone who likes a good deal; $199 is a bonkers price for boots of this quality.

Who Shouldn’t Buy Thursday’s Captain Boots?

  • Guys who want something they can go hiking in. Thursday does offer more outdoorsy boots, but not in wide widths.

Thursday is storming the boot industry with their low prices and versatile lasts, and it’s great that our wide-footed brethren can get in on the action.

Red Wing 875 moc toe boot patina


6. Another Great American Boot Brand: Red Wing Heritage ($300-$350)

Timeless Style
Red Wing Heritage's Wide Boots

With thick leathers, resoleable builds, and totally made in Minnesota, Red Wing's selection includes many EE-width boots.

Shop Iron Ranger Shop Classic Moc
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 You can’t talk about boots without talking about Red Wing. They made my first pair of Goodyear welted boots (a gray version of the moc toe above), and they have wide sizes. Not for all of their boots, but the good news is your wide feet don’t mean you’ll miss out on one of America’s most iconic boots: their flagship boots, the Iron Ranger and Classic Moc, come in EE widths. 

Red Wing Boots For Wide Feet

We’re highlighting the two most popular designs here, the Iron Ranger and the Classic Moc, which both come in EE widths with the Classic Moc available in E width as well.

These boots stand out for the fact that they’re made in America and at under $350, they’re actually very good value. (You may have noticed that the other US-made boots mentioned so far are over $400, often over $600.)

Made with very thick, hard wearing leather from Red Wing’s own tannery in Minnesota, Red Wing Heritage boots are favorites of celebrities like Bradley Cooper, Ryan Gosling, and Drake. The Iron Ranger is modeled after traditional work boots and built the same way Red Wing made footwear for miners toiling in Minnesota’s Mesabi Iron Range. The Classic Moc is a descendant of their old hunting boots-turned-jobsite footwear: a classic moc toe design with thick rubber wedge soles for excellent shock absorption.

The Iron Ranger is great for a classic look, the Moc works with both for vintage fashion enthusiasts and guys into streetwear. Whichever you pick, you’ll be wearing them for years – if not decades.

Who Should Buy Red Wing Boots?

  • Guys who want classic, timeless, all American boots; these are the boots guys are thinking of when they think ‘cool boots.’
  • Anyone looking for wide boots that are beautiful, versatile, durable, and have good grip
  • Men looking for a boot that ages well; these look better with age and become more comfortable as well.

Who Shouldn’t Buy Red Wing Boots?

  • Heavier guys who prefer shock absorbing insoles; these are very traditionally made.
  • Guys who want out-of-the-box comfort; they’re very hard to break in.
  • Men looking for something that works in formal situations.

Red Wings have a reputation as the best first boot a man can buy — the ultimate entry-level boot for guys who want to level up from sneakers and cheap chukkas.

Grant Stone Diesel Veg Tanned profile

7. Runner Up Best Value Boots for Wide Feet: Grant Stone

High End, Low Price
Grant Stone's Wide Boots

The undisputed kings of smart casual footwear, Grant Stone offers service boots like the Diesel, moc toes like the Brass, and split toes like the Ottawa in extra wide widths.

See the Boots Our Diesel Review
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Grant Stone is a company that makes what many consider Alden quality boots but at a much lower price point. The leather, construction, and quality control are what you’d expect to see on a boot well over $500. The low cost is because they’re made in China, but on a tropical island at a family-owned factory run by the American Wyatt Gilmore. The fact is, when results are so high quality, it’s impossible for the product to be made in crummy sweatshops, and the boot world agrees: this footwear is top of the line and universally adored by enthusiasts.

Grant Stone Boots for Wide Feet

We decided to feature their most popular shoe, the Diesel, as the best service boot — that’s a boot with a low profile, plain toe that’s reminiscent of the footwear soldiers wore in the World Wars. They’re fantastic boots, both dressy but comfortable with a t-shirt, with have robust construction that includes a leather midsole, leather insole, and a water resistant storm welt. They come in D, E, and EEE, plus they’re under $340. 

But they run the gamut: there’s a dressier, split toe Ottawa boot, the chunky moc toe Brass Boot, and usually a range of fascinating leathers like ostrich and kangaroo. There’s something for everyone here, even if you’ve got wide feet. 

Who should buy Grant Stone?

  • Men with wide feet who want a high quality boot for a great price.
  • Real boot connoisseurs; these get highest marks from Reddit aficionados.
  • Guys who like boots that are versatile enough for business casual environments.

Who shouldn’t buy the Grant Stone Diesel?

  • Guy who can’t swing $400 for a boot.
  • People who prefer not to buy boots made in China; everyone agrees the quality is superb, though.

Grant Stone makes sharp, versatile boots in leathers from world renowned tanneries and styles that can suit any wardrobe.

RM Williams Craftsman sitting

8. The Aussie Boot Chelsea for Wide Feet: R.M. Williams’ Comfort Craftsman 

Wolverine's Favorite
R.M. Williams' Comfort Craftsman

The world famous Australian classic, this boot is endorsed by Hugh Jackman himself and is made with a supple yearling leather that combines the best of calf and cowhide.

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R.M. Williams is Australia’s favorite boot, it’s fantastic, and it comes in wide widths. Note that in Australia they call normal width G and the wider one H, so you should be ordering in H. This is the Chelsea boot and while it’s not quite as wide as EEEE, it’s often considered the world’s best Chelsea. Why?

R.M. Williams Chelsea Highlights

The big standouts is that the leather is yearling, made from a cow that’s one year old — not quite calf and not quite steer, you get the suppleness and fine grain of calfskin with the durability of cowhide. The upper is also one piece of leather, which makes for superior comfort and no seams to irritate sensitive feet.

R. M. Williams is not just Australia’s most famous boot, it is a true blue icon of Australiana. If you’re an Aussie male, you own a pair of R. M. Williams. (Or your dad does. If no one does, your citizenship needs to be revoked.) The company is, in fact, so Australian that they outfitted the Australian army with thousands of black Craftsmans to wear in military parades.

Despite the strong Antipodean roots, the footwear has serious appeal outside of Australia. Bill Clinton wore a pair to his second inauguration, and today they export to 15 different countries.

Who should buy the R.M. Williams Comfort Craftsman Chelsea?

  • Men who want a unique, eye-catching, quintessentially Australian boot.
  • Guys who prioritize comfort; they have this name for a reason.
  • Anyone who prizes versatility; these are worn with everything from shorts to suits down under.
  • People who like the clean look and one-of-a-kind comfort of wholecut Chelseas.

Who shouldn’t buy the R.M. Williams Comfort Craftsman Chelsea?

  • The average joe who doesn’t want to spend this much money on Chelseas. They’re over $500, after all.

RMW really take Chelsea boots to another level. They use amazing leather, and above all these are literally some of the most comfortable boots I’ve ever worn.

Idrese Hudson Brown

9. Best Chukka for Wide Feet: Idrese Hudson 

Use code STRIDEWISE for 15% off!
Idrese's Chukka

Super high quality boots made in the same workshop as Louis Vuitton, these smart chukkas come in a range of leathers and widths for any need.

Check Best Price Custom Make EEE
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Idrese is a very underrated brand. I’ve tried their sneakers and their Chelseas, and while I’m not a huge chukka guy myself, but I think that’s because chukkas work best in business casual situations and I seldom dress that formally.

Except when I was telemarketer. Man, that job sucked.

Idrese Hudson Highlights

If you’re looking for a nice chukka, then look at Idrese. Their Hudson is sold in EE widths and can be made in EEE on their custom platform. They’re really classy, they’re Goodyear welted, Dainite outsole, full grain Italian leather uppers (or suede if that’s your bag), and they’re a lot neater and smarter than a lot of chukkas. I think you can wear these to the office with confidence, but check out all their leathers to find something less dressy if that’s what you need.

[Learn More About Leather: The 9 Best Leathers for Boots]

Idrese Chukka

Who Should Buy the Idrese Chukka?

  • Guys who want a wide, business casual boot.
  • Anyone who wants good value; it’s rare to find these materials at this price point.

Who Shouldn’t Buy the Idrese Chukka? 

  • Guys who prefer the kind of slouchy chukkas you can wear with shorts.

Idrese boots are all handmade in Spain at the Same workshop as Ferragamo & Louis Vuitton. So you know your wide sized boots are going to be decent and a great value.


thorogood boot brooklyn

10. Best Wide Boot for the Working Man: Thorogood (~$250)

Great Value U.S. Brand!
Thorogood Heritage Moc Toe Work Boots

One of the best budget work boots, it's made extra water resistant and shock absorbent to handle all manner of wear.

Check Best Price Safety Toe Version
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09/27/2023 08:12 pm GMT

Thorogood is another classic American heritage boot brand. They specialize in work boots and produce a lot of models with safety toes and electrical hazard protection. 

Their popular heritage styles include the American Heritage Moc Toe work boots made with durable and comfortable materials like Poron footbeds that help with shock absorption.

They are also fairly priced at a remarkable $250, given they’re mostly made in the USA. Widths come in Regular and Wide, which accommodates EE feet easily.

Who should buy Thorogood boots for wide feet?

  • Guys who want an affordable, comfortable work boot, they are among the best value boots on the list.
  • Anyone wants a nice looking casual boot; durable for the worksite and nice enough for the bar.

Who shouldn’t buy Thorogood boots for wide feet?

  • Guys who want a dressier casual boot; they’re more versatile than most jobsite boots, but too casual to dress up.

Wrapping Up

There are a lot of brilliant companies that are very good for wide footed guys looking to buy boots, and each has their own pros and cons depending on the look and/or function you’re going for. There are also several companies that, when you see their name, you know that it’s gonna be good. If you’ve read this far, you’ve got a pretty extensive list of brands that will sell you the best wide sizes for your next pair of boots.

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8 thoughts on “The 10 Best Men’s Boots for Wide Feet | Moc Toe, Chukka, Chelsea, and More”

  1. Not to be a downer, but this post reads like it’s written by someone who has heard of people with wide feet! Sort of like when I give my wife advice on how to put on makeup.
    It never goes well.
    Speaking as a duck-foot, it’s actually really hard to find any shoes that fit, and that won’t break the bank. Some of your choices on here are good, but really only the Thursdays and the Alden Indy. The rest of those on the list SAY they have wide sizes, but in my experience, they just don’t cut it. Redwing was the worst (I had to get an 11 2E for a shoe wide enough, even though the length of my foot fit in their 10 – it made for a very. floppy. boot).
    With the exception of Thursday (I don’t know what voodoo they worked), unless a brand offers EEE sizes, a lot of us duck-foots are SOL, unless we want to fork out the cash for Nick’s, White’s or Wesco. And if you’re doing that, you’ll have to consider the wait time – months in some cases.
    For me, I’m becoming more an more of a Grant Stone convert. Several of their models come in EEE sizes, and they are ready to ship in a couple days. Plus…let’s be honest…Grant Stones are some of the finest quality boots on the market today.

    As always…thanks for all the work you do!!

    Keep’em kickin’!!


    • Thanks Shawn! It’s funny the other day someone told me Thursdays aren’t wide enough but Red Wings were, I guess everyone’s feet are different! Definitely worth checking out Adelante for inexpensive, super wide shoes 🙂

      • Nick, Thursday Boot Company must be paying a lot of $ on this site since their ads are laced in on every page. While I can’t argue about their price and great look, I was a little disappointed when the boots arrived and they are little too narrow even though I have ordered wide. It is definitely not EEE. I wish it was wider so it can be more comfortable. Do you know if they make EEE?


        • Hey I’m sorry Jon, I was told they fit EEE! I have a friend with EEE feet and they fit him well, sorry about your experience. They don’t get wider than “Wide” on their site

  2. So, as someone with wide feet, EEEE, wide toe box, I’ve tried all of the brands. Thourogood we’re probably the worst fitting boot I have ever owned. I’m surprised you didn’t once mention Keen Boots.
    Keens “Wide” options run wide, while the site says EE, my super fat 4E feet fit in the composite toe without cutting my little toe off. The toe box actually runs WIDE making them the most comfortable boots I have ever owned. My feet are actually screwed up because shoe companies don’t use a wide toe. That means you end up with wide boots that are to long and your feet are sliding around in. Not Keen. The 10.5 EEEE 6″ Milwaukee boots I have are from 2015, and I still use them to this day!


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